Root Droid X .605 SBF file


For those of you who need it

The Droid X .605 SBF file. Fast download

Droid X .605 SBF


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FYI, there are links to all of them in the themes and ROMs sticky in the All Things Root forum.

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I am on 2.3.340 and trying to take the .605 update, but it keeps failing despite having unrooted and "defrosting" all stock apps. Can I SBF directly to .605 despite being on 2.3.340? Also, out of all the SBF instructions on Google, can you recommend one, please?


After checking the links that ylexot mentioned, I am a little more confused. The sticky page he mentioned does not seem to have a .605 SBF, but it does have 4.5.605 ROM. My understanding is that they are not the same. I just want to make sure that (assuming I get my previous post answered that I can SBF from 2.3.340 directly to 605) the file I downloaded in this thread is the right 605 SBF file and the the file in the sticky ( is not the 605 SBF and in-fact does not contain it.

And just to make it more confusing, the sticky page has .621 SBF, but it is only 15,546KB as opposed to the 605 file from this thread which is 187,091KB, so I'm more confused.


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Well, the first thing you must know is if you have taken the .621 update... if so, it's a whole different animal than the one click root we had before. If on .621, you need to flash to the .604 Milestone, then root.. if not on .621.. then the old methods should still work..