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Droid X battery drain with USB plugged in

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Moedroidx, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Moedroidx

    Moedroidx Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I came in to work...plugged in my X (USB) and the battery drained to 15% in 3 hours. What is that about?

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  2. bersh

    bersh Lurker

    Try plugging the cable into another usb port, as you might have issues with the power pins in the port you are using.
  3. bersh

    bersh Lurker

    Also, what all are you doing with the phone while it's plugged in? The usb port delivers a limited amount of juice (500 mA), so it might not be keeping up with you.
  4. h_scott

    h_scott Lurker

    I had this problem also. Make sure you download USB drivers from Moto website. May also require special drivers for charging. It worked for me at home (Vista) but not at work yet (XP).
  5. NeutronFlux

    NeutronFlux Lurker

    Seems odd that as part of Costco promo to get you to buy Droid thet were giving away via mail in rebate a GPS car kit with window mount & plug into cig. Liter power cable if Droid uses more power in GPS mode than cable can supply. For long trips with detours off route GPS is good to get back on course. I too am experiencing drain with just GPS navigation & 4 other apps running, including email & calendar. If USB cable can't handle current then is problem the after market cable or Droid design? Should be plenty of power from car 12 VDC socket to meet needs. Original cable that came with window mount GPS died in first week, connections intermitant. Noticed phone gets really warm in GPS mode as well. GPS works great but fear over heating will shorten batt. Life. This post is to confirm this as a wide spread problem seeking answers from MOTO on cause. Will try with inverter in car to see if any difference & try to mount with kybd slid open in GPS mode if poss. To see if helps heat dissipation. Vehicle has AC so ambient temp not a contributing factor.
  6. dookie1

    dookie1 Well-Known Member

    many threads on this. get a USB vehicle charger that appears as an AC charger and can deliver 1000+mA.
  7. NeutronFlux

    NeutronFlux Lurker

    I also used the AC adapter that came with the phone from Motorola plugged into my car 115 VAC inverter, even that did not stop battery from draining down while plugged in with GPS on. Probably not an issue for short quick trips & turning GPS off within a few hours but could potentially excessively cycle battery and over heat on cross country trips etc. If the phone needed more juice to power its GPS mode, Motorola should have provided a cable that works, my gut feeling is a poor design and they did not build the power interface tough enough to handle the current flow required of the unit with GPS running. I should not have to buy a new cord that may or may not help, Motorola should recall that sold with phone if it can't do the job and provide new cords to all purchasers. Until MOTO comes clean & remedies might want to take a closer look at HTC products. Apparently it is not just Droid but its new brother Droid X as well.
  8. sodaboy581

    sodaboy581 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the crappy situation you're in. I am able to charge my Droid X with my laptop, my generic car charger, and the AC adapter that comes with it. It definitely sounds like an issue with the USB ports that you're plugging it into.

    I pretty much use the Google Maps while listening to music through the SD card or Pandora/Slacker in my car all the time and the battery doesn't lose any charge while plugged into the charger.
  9. thenew3

    thenew3 Android Enthusiast

    I tested two identical Droid 1's.
    both started at 60% charge, on a 2 hour trip, we both used the GPS (in same vehicle with guidance to same destination). both used same model car charger.

    With both phones plugged in (separate outlets in the car), over the 2 hour trip, phone #1 went from a 60% charge to a full 100% charge. Phone #2 went from 60% charge down to 20% charge.

    Both were running same firmware, same software, same apps.

    To test if the batter or car charger was the culprit, we switch the battery & charger and ran the test again.
    Same results. Phone #1 went from a 50% charge this time to a full charge, while phone #2 went from 50% charge down to a 20% charge.

    I don't know why there are difference between two identical phones, doing the exact same task.

    I think there is probably similar differences with the droid X.

    I'm taking a 7 hour trip with the DX tomorrow, will see how it does.

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