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Droid X Gets Insane Battery Life if you know how to use it

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nfriend21, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Btros

    Btros Android Enthusiast

    I've found that shortly after you take it off the charger from being fully charged, it will drop to 90% but goes down much slower after that.

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  2. voyageurs60

    voyageurs60 Newbie

    Dude - I think this was my problem... this setting was "NEVER" - me thinks this was my battery KILLER... Thanks a bunch... Dan
  3. voyageurs60

    voyageurs60 Newbie

    Update - not sure why - but I did a hard reset of the Droid X. Have been adding applications back slowly. Last night before going to bed took the phone off the charger - upon waking this morning, 90% charge was still available. I do have background data sync off and am not syncing contacts and calendar to gmail. Gmail is syncing. I am now a happy man!!!

    As I add the applications back in slowly, will try to identify the power hog. Suspected WF & Clock Widget, does not seem to be the culprit.
  4. kentl901

    kentl901 Well-Known Member

    What uses background data delivery?

    If i use The Weather Channel Widget (updated via GPS detection), K9 polling, gmail, etc...

    Does that affect syncing?

  5. jvcjbl

    jvcjbl Newbie

    Second day with the phone and here is my usage:

    Took it off the charger at 8:00am, sent about 70 text messages, took 10 pictures... downloaded 22mb is music over EVDO and then about 12MB over WIFI... WIFI usage about 20 mins and about 10 mins in phone calls.... just not hit 50% life.... This PHONE ROCKS FOR BATTERY LIFE!!! My iphone would have been dead already by now... LOL
  6. irhxcbcziuzxs

    irhxcbcziuzxs Well-Known Member

    Second day of use - 5 hours of use, battery is at 15% :( Been running it heavy, Pandora, GPS on, Bluetooth on, Wifi On, etc. Brightness at Auto.
  7. irhxcbcziuzxs

    irhxcbcziuzxs Well-Known Member

    3rd Day - Just about the same 6 hours and about to die. I have been charging it fully before using it and completley discharging it.
  8. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Android Expert

    Toke a 20 mile bicycle ride with a friend today, a little over 2 hours total, with IMapMyRide running the whole time, and only used 20% of the battery. On my iPhone 3Gs, a 50 minute drive home with Navigon running ate 40% of my battery. I've tried the same trip with Google Nav with the satellite layer on AND Pandora playing, and only used ~20%. This thing really does get phenomenal battery life, especially compared to the iPhale.
  9. fydave

    fydave Newbie

    I'm going on 19 hours off the charger and it's still sitting at 40%. I've been making phone calls, text messages, and emails like a madman yesterday pulling together guestlists for a nightclub along with a fairly ample amount of web browsing.
  10. BodyBagz

    BodyBagz Newbie

    I allowed my X to get to 30% this afternoon at 3:15pmCST...it had been off the charger since 5:30am Friday morning...so, easily 22 hours on a single charge and I believe I could have gotten another 10 hours as well before complete shut-down.
  11. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I leave background data on so all my calendars, mail, and other apps keep up to date. I like instant notification :)
  12. spasell

    spasell Lurker

    Using the suggested setting, with WIFI only sync for Social Networks, updating every 15 minutes, uptime and downtime, my battery yesterday look me 15.5 hours and I have 10% life left.

    HOWEVER, and I think this is the point, I was not using it all that much. I talked for 1.5 hours in total, about 15 minutes of video, updates to my Feedr, about 20-30 minutes of browsing, and no music.

    Of course, that means I was not using it that much and it took me all day long.

    Now, conversely, with 8 hours under my belt, but 2.25 hours of talk time, 30-45 minutes of video, 30-45 minutes of web browsing, bluetooth on, wifi on (home network only), I am down to 30% and that would probably get me 10-11 hours total before recharging.

    So, if you are a heavy user, just make sure you have a charger, because you'd be hard pressed to find ANY phone that can handle HEAVY or MODERATE use and give you all day battery life. That would be rare. If you are really heavy and get 8 hours out of it, congrats, you've done well.

    With my usage, which also means receiving more than 40 emails in a day and responding to about 20 of them, with possible 40-50 texts, if I can get 10 hours, I'll be a happy guy.

    I have a car charger, charger at home, and spare wall charger in my bag. Where would I go short of some camping trip, where I cannot charge it back up?

    I had a Blackberry Bold 9700 and when I unplugged at 7am, I'd get to 5-6 PM and it would need a charge, and that device is not nearly as powerful.

    I think you expectation level needs to come down a little. These are like little computers, and I'd challenge ANYONE to find me a computer that will give you 12-14 hours of battery life using all these same conditions.
  13. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I highly recommend the extended battery. With heavy use I get a good full day and then some out of mine.
  14. Order No.925

    Order No.925 Newbie

    So yesterday I had a pretty good day with the battery. Was txting throughout the day, couple of phone calls were made, used the internet alot and checked my email accounts constantly both are on push. I have data background on and my battery is on night mode. All this lasted me 16 hrs 25 min.
  15. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Android Expert

    Another vote for the extended battery here. It made a world of difference for my DX. Stock battery must have been a lemmon because the extended battery, while only 20% bigger, seems to give me twice the life. Me happay!
  16. sawtooth

    sawtooth Guest

    where the battery profile thing??? im looking all over the phone and the only thing i can find in battery manager and it has no options like you listed.

  17. john_ecko

    john_ecko Well-Known Member

    battery manager then go to battery mode
  18. n1chol3

    n1chol3 Member

    I use battery manager and spare parts. Yesterday, I had read that Handcent killed the battery by keeping the phone running while it's in "sleep" mode. I removed that app, and put on Go sms.

    Today, I've been off for about 4 hours so far and I'm still at 90% with light to moderate use. I am convinced that app was eating my battery.
  19. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    I believe the 340 OTA update helps battery life as well. I charged at 10 p.m. and still had 90% when I got off work at 3 p.m. (no calls, just checked/deleted emails and updated apps).
  20. stereoeclectic

    stereoeclectic Well-Known Member

    i also picked up the extended. have been very happy with it. keeping the stock battery as a backup for future use.
  21. FrayAdjacent

    FrayAdjacent Android Enthusiast

    People need to realize that battery life is highly dependent upon what you are running and how you use the phone, but also on relative signal strength of the nextworks you are connected to.

    I have a Range Extender at home, and get pretty good battery life out of my Droid while I'm at home, because it's not sucking a lot of juice talking with the cell network. Also WiFi signal strength is another. It burns more juice if you're further away from the WAP.

    "YMMV" is the simple fact of it. You and I could do exactly the same things and have the same things running, yet have wildly different battery life, and it would simply be due to where we are.
  22. bsdmom44

    bsdmom44 Member

    Had the same issue with Handcent. I really liked it, but switched to GO SMS too. I also noticed that once I was rooted and froze all the bloatware, the Dx runs much faster and the battery lasts longer. I had stretches of time where I charged it every other day. Not a power user by any means, but do a fair amount of calling, texting, etc.
  23. novemberwhiskey

    novemberwhiskey Android Enthusiast

    The DX has a great standby time, but it eats the battery when the display is on due to the large screen size.

    My batt life greatly improved after moving to Apex. Before that, it was garbage.
  24. Wally World

    Wally World Android Expert

    The major killer of the battery is screen brightness.

    Lower it to the lowest setting you can possibly stand.

    Set the backlight timer to the least amount of time you can stand. Push the power button to turn the screen off when you set the phone down.

    These tips alone will add significant time between charges.

    But for clarification, none of these will give you 'Insane' battery life. I think 48hrs+ is very good. Nothing like the old Nokia phones of the early 2000's. Those would go 8-10 days without a charge.
  25. insearchof

    insearchof Guest

    I'm running version 2.2.1 on a verizon DroidX motorola phone. When I go into settings / battery, I cannot find where to set the battery to smart mode. Any ideas? Thanks

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