kodiak kid

Sep 7, 2010
Garner, NC
Ok, not a TOTAL newb, but the SF is TOTALLY different than my X. Anyway, long story short, I want to revert the wifes SF back to original, and upgrade to DJ05. I did a majority of what is in http://androidforums.com/fascinate-all-things-root/259816-wanting-upgrade-d101-dj05.html

I didn't reflash anything YET...here is why. I tried flashing the DJ09 OTA and it flashed, but never took...I had to restore it back to superclean V0.4. I un-installed the lagfix (well, disabled it) but want to go back and do the radio upgrade along with a newer ROM. My BIG question...Do I just do the following???

1) Flash DJ05 kernal
2) flash DJ05 ROM
3) use gmail to restore contacts, etc?
4) call it a day...

Or am I missing something? I don't want to brick her phone as it is her only phone. (no land-line).

And the biggest reason to do this is that it keeps freezing, locking up, etc...and the vibrate function stopped working even though it is selected in the settings. Thanks in advance! I hated to post, but after 2 days of searching, i haven't seen "quite" the same scenario... about the DJ09 OTA flashed but not taking, then trying to ODIN or other...

thanks guys!
oh, and BTW...I have never pulled the battery...can't I just go to the "download" triangle, connect, and do it? or do I REALLY need to remove the bat?