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Support Droid x how to get the best experience?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thefoxhole, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. thefoxhole

    thefoxhole Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 28, 2010
    I just got the Droid x update to 2.2 and have been researching it for months. I am new to the smartphone scene (I used to have a camera phone text, pic, and talk) So all this new stuff is blowing my mind. I am trying to do all these things and I am having some issues.
    I am reluctant to post however after going over many tutorials and guides it seems like it is hard to stay up to date with everything going on. It also seems that because of apps its easy to not have the best setup all the time.
    So my main issues are now. Setting up ringtones and wall papers. I have the .mp3's in media/audio/ringtone (found that in a guide) and wallpapers in dcim/wallpapers however every time i try and select a ringtone or wallpaper it sidescrolls to black screen and doesnt set anything up.
    Next, I am trying to integrate my computer and android to share files. Currently using dropbox. Is this the best solution? I am also reading that task killer is obsolete. I am contemplating root because i am sick of blockbuster and skype and city id always opening and taking up space. But that is besides the point. Im sure ill have more issues but this is holing me up as of now.


  2. Gotta Be Mac

    Gotta Be Mac Well-Known Member

    Mar 27, 2010
    High School Technology/Architecture Teacher
    New Jersey
    As far as the Task Killer goes, it's really up in the air...50% of people use it, 50% of people swear against it. I used it pre-2.2, but now 2.2 (atleast with Advanced Task Killer) requires you to hard Force Close applications, making the 1 click widget pointless. Most of the time, killing these apps makes the matter worse, because major system processes will automatically start back up on their own either way.

    I havent used Dropbox yet, but personally I just connect my phone through bluetooth to my Macbook to share files, or just quickly email files to myself through gmail.

    Try using Ringdroid in the market for Ringtones. You select the MP3 you want (from your phone), start and stop time and then you save it as a ringtone and boom it's there to choose when you want to select your ringtone.

    As far as wallpapers go, download an app from the market, or save an image from the internet. When you download from the internet it'll save your image to Media Gallery. Go to Display > Wallpapers > Media Gallery.
  3. MalikBear

    MalikBear Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2010
    First of all, The DX is an addiction
    2nd of all, these forums and any other are the Pushers of the DX addiction.

    This works with any good phone. You can't stay up to date unless you are like me and every other registered person to this forum or that forum and so on constantly checking in to see whats new.

    So as far as Ringtones, Music, Alarms and Wallpapers go.. I guess how you set up your folders work for some but easy put this has been butter for me


    My DX sees it all and shows each in its proper list

    I haven't had a problem loading a downloaded wallpaper or a personal photo. Unplug usb, if you haven't, before using anything on the sdcard unless you have the usb to charge only (not sure if that will fly but you can try).

    Some people can't live without the ringdroid app for ringtones but I have experienced an annoyance with it like: Once ringtone made and set, the contact calls and it will only play like 3 notes, sounds like it skipped through the whole ringtone.

    Can't really give my 2cents on file sharing since i have a wifi network hdd setup which works well for me in home. Yeah I got Dropbox too but just haven't took the dive to set that one up, kinda sketchy bout sharing the info on an unknown server BUT I AM NOT KNOCKING DROPBOX OR ANY OTHER RELEVANT APP it's just me being me.

    I skipped the whole task killing genre after trying it a day, plainly put Android IS NOT Windows Mobile...I do use Juicedefender/Ultimatejuice. I use my DX mostly at work. I think I'm a Heavy user and I'm on the road usually have the work day. Exchange set to sync manually but I take anywhere from 10-60 pics a day that I email back to my desktop at work as well as clients and I usually try to pack 6-7 3mp pics in each send. And BT runs all day, no wifi, gps when needed, up to 1hr in short calls, some web browsing and who doesn't text?!? Battery usually holds for 7-8 hours before I hit the last 20% and that is a very heavy day. Lol, yes I have a car charger!

    As far as Root goes, heh I am a former Flashoholic (Omnia i910) but I have not stuck my big toe in that pool as of yet. I'm sure I will but I just want to wait it out a lil and see if any of these Mysterious, to be continued updates are going to happen...

    O and btw, since your new.. I'm sure your battery will suck. I'm guessing you may get a full charge of around 5-6hrs. This will surely get better once you get past the addiction of holding it and seeing if appbrain updated any apps and trying to decide which of the 4-5 music apps, video apps, picture viewers you have downloaded and like the best and showing it off and looking at all the settings and seeing what they do and deciding if you should use this wallpaper and that clock or this weather and that screen for this app and wondering if you should just have 3 homescreens or use all 7 and if you should stick with MotoBlur or Launcherpro or ADW and trying Widgetlocker or finding a new screen lock or just use the pin lock or maybe the pattern lock but then you have to decide on a pattern and now maybe you should have the closck a different color or have an alternate wallpaper for widgetlocker vs your homescreen and figuring out what else widgetlocker can do and finding out you can put the music player on the lock screen and trying to get all 3 stars per lvl in Angry Birds or playing with Google maps and gps while walking 3 blocks to the store and it just goes on and on and on(if ever :)) and realize "Yah know? It IS just a phone with benefits"

    That's all folks!! Hope there is a answer for yah in there somewhere. I have to go see if Vignette and LPP has been updated :p Later...
  4. thefoxhole

    thefoxhole Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 28, 2010
    Excellent responses. Thanks. After fooling around with it. It is driving me nuts that there is so much customization with everything. I am somewhat anal about having the best set up most awesome software and most efficient way of doing things. I feel like I need to be able to do everything the phone can do! I am constantly researching apps. I am also hesitant about adding apps just to add them. So far I added drop box, dolphin browser, google voice goggles translator and some other google thing, pandora barcode, and a blackhawks hockey app. I dont want to bog my phone down with fart sounds or useless apps! Its my second day and im going nuts

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