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Droid X Online Ordering promo codes or coupon codes..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sox08, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. sox08

    sox08 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    okay so with the x coming up to order soon im going to be paying full retail for the x since I sold my dinc and when I ordered that onlline i used promo code freeovernt for the free over nite shipping..but i also bout a week later called for a credit and used promo code smart30 to save 30 bucks on ordering a smartphone upgrade..

    question is does anyone else know of any coupon or promo codes for this thursday??? need my droid X! haha

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  2. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Well no matter what phone you may order, all phone purchases ship overnight.

    As far as current promotions or codes are concerned, I don't know of any.

    Depending on what company you may work for, you maybe eligible for 10-25% off accessories.
  3. yeah i haven't seen any codes and all phones do indeed ship overnight if you buy them online
  4. jnsolomon

    jnsolomon Lurker

    I don't think this would work for OP, but PRMCD10 gives 10% off purchase with 2 year activation.
  5. mitchellmyler

    mitchellmyler Member

  6. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Well I think the OP was referring to actual methods of discounting the phone itself, but good looking out on the other 3rd party discounts.
  7. odiej34

    odiej34 Android Enthusiast

    You only get two day shipping for free but if you enter the promo code freeovernt you will get FREE 1 day shipping. I too used the smart30 for 30.00 bucks off my Incredible and I will keep my eyes open wide.
  8. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Hmm, can anyone else confirm the shipping specifics?

    I believe VZW gives Next Day shipping to VIP members.
  9. urdaddi

    urdaddi Well-Known Member

    Verizon Wireless is supposed to ship overnight. There is a code, however, for this to ensure that it does get shipped overnight.

    From the Verizon Wireless website:

    Free Overnight Shipping

    Enjoy free overnight shipping* when you order online Monday - Friday by 4:30 pm! Some customers may need to select Overnight shipping option in drop down and enter promo code FREEOVERNT at checkout
    Signature will be required upon delivery.

    *Free Overnight Shipping is available for purchases placed on VerizonWireless.com within the U.S. only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Orders placed by 4:30 pm local time Monday
  10. chaosman

    chaosman Newbie

    so phone gonna be on verizon website before the 15th or what?
  11. sox08

    sox08 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    yea i get 20% off accessories. today i called 611 orginally to talk bout the bill cause i sold my dinc on 6/25 and im using a glorious device called the samsung sway..! u may have heard of it im not suree! {phone sucks somethin awful} but i also ordered the black silicone case i had for my dinc for the X, the hdmi, the screen protectors till steinheil comes out with some {cause the dinc forum on here turned me onto steinheil, mostly steven58 the guide here} and the car charger with usb charger to plug my itouch into as well and all came to 67 bucks with no tax cause I live in NH.. the accessories will be here by wednesday by 7pm which is good for me..

    also since im paying full retail i dont have to worry about rebate so im torn if i should order online or chance it in a verizon store that morning..the verizon website says they open at 8 but i called and all verizons here said they changed it back to 9am opening so make sure you call your local store..
  12. dadon23

    dadon23 Lurker

    Coupon Code

    Ten percent off all purchases it expires on the 20th.

    I tried and it work on all phones so far.
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  13. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    Cool thanks I will give that a shot.
  14. odiej34

    odiej34 Android Enthusiast

    This is not a promo code but the manager for cellular advocates (verizon in Costco) told me to be there at 9:00 a.m Thursday and He will hook me up with 3 Droid X's @ 199.00 a pop. They open at 9:00 for business members.
  15. Steven58


    This is a good thread. Thank you for the advice, friends. :D
  16. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Good point. Yes, membership based stores, such as BJ's Wholesale and Costco will waive all and any "MIRs".
  17. BCox

    BCox Well-Known Member

    Is purchasing a phone at a Costco's or BJ's like buying from Best Buy, i.e. unable to bring to a verizon store with defects?
  18. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    They only handle sales if that's what you mean. All and any technical issues you may have with your phone can only be handled by a VZW store.
  19. ChiefHopper

    ChiefHopper Well-Known Member

    The BB CSR told me to use a corporate VZN for problems and issues, which none of us will have. Right? Right.

    Even told me where two are located in the Phoenix area near my location.
  20. BCox

    BCox Well-Known Member

    HAHA sorry i asked the wrong question. I actually meant if anyone knew if you could use NE2 upgrade at Costco's / BJ's

    Sorry, too long without sleep...I'll get plenty after the 15th
  21. Exiled

    Exiled Android Enthusiast

    Don't suppose any of these work in the Verizon stores... lol I wish. I have to buy in store because I will be traveling a lot the next few weeks and I want the phone asap, not sitting at home for several weeks waiting for me.
  22. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Yes, you should be able to, I have in the past.
  23. sox08

    sox08 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    thanks dadon23! do i hear a 20% lurking out there??? haha
  24. dream03

    dream03 Newbie

    Any other ones out there?

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