Help Droid X running extremely slow


Sorry if this is a repost but the only threads I found were problems nothing like mine. I got my droid X the day it came out and I absolutely love it and have had no problems at all. However, yesterday it started running extremely slow. By slow I mean, 10-15 seconds to load the text message window, then another 10 to 15 seconds to load the conversation I clicked on. During that time the screen is either black, or half loaded, or a keyboard and then it loads. The text message thing is just an example as it takes just as long to load anything else, whether its changing home screens, opening an app, or the applications menu, or anything. Also, this problem is sporadic, about half the time I use my phone it will be fine, the other half it will be extremely slow, I also noticed that the slowness seems to happen more often when there is the symbol in the notification bar that makes a circle out of 2 arrows. Any ideas? Should I take it back to Verizon, or will they try telling me I need to pay 600$ to get it fixed because I don't have insurance? This icon(sorry if its huge),


My X seems to be experiencing the same Lagg in the SMS app as you described, and sometimes in other applications also. What helped me a little was doing a battery pull, if that doesn't work try a soft reset.
Exact same problem here! It works fine during the day, then at night, its terrible. I've heard that setting your battery to performance mode works but idk...


When I notice the sms lag is when i do a restart, or task kill sms. He sms program has to reload the numbers from your contacts list. Try unchecking the sms app if you are using a task killer.


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I tried killing the apps and a soft reboot. None of it seemed to help. I got insurance on my phone today, and i'm hoping that i can just ride it out long enough to get a replacement from verizion. I mean its extremely slow, but its only about 50% of the time and it makes me want to rip my hair out, but I can deal with it because i know how great this phone is when it works correctly.
Edit: I also rebooted in recovery mode and cleared the cache.


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I'm having the same damn problem. It takes like 8 seconds to open up a text message. Everytime I go into text messaging, it takes forever to load the pictures. I can't even scroll through my messages until all my contact's pictures are loaded. It's getting very annoying.


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Okay, so I did a battery pull and it was stuck on the red eye for maybe about 20-25 minutes. Now, everything seems to be good.

It was scary seeing that red eye constantly moving though.


The exact same thing is currently happening to me. Everything you mentioned. I don't know why i just thought that it had something to do with the amount of messages i had. Has using a soft reset for clearing the cache worked for anyone? Or takin out the battery?


That symbol just means that there was is an active device that your device can connect to. To turn that off, open your app drawer, goto Media Share and de-select the option that says "Connection Notification".


I am eagerly awaiting all the responses to this thread because my SMS is having the same issue, plus this happens half the time with my picture gallery.
I had the same exact problem until someone mentioned the battery mode. I guess mine shifted into battery saver mode automatically when the battery got really low one time because I didn't do it and had no idea it changed, so i switched to performance mode and it works just as good as ever, immediate change. Check that.
Performance mode for sure. I had mine in smart mode for a while, but it still ran slow. I figured that I use the damn thing so much anyways, I end up charging at least 3 times a day between my car, room, and xbox. So performance it is.

And until Froyo hits me, my phone is staying widget free. To me, a widget is just a constantly running program that drains on your memory and battery life. I'm not going to leave some massive program like itunes or firefox open on my computer if I am not using them at all. Same for my phone.

I use advanced task killer, and I realize that when i shut down widgets to save space, it actually takes more space. Taskiller will shut down that widget, only to have your phone immediately open that same widget back up again. So you just lost twice as much memory. Some too shut it down, and more to open it back up.

I don't know, I love my phone, but it has been slow since the third day I got it. I am certainly not going to take it back, I would much rather be patient with it, so I am just trying to help the brainstorming process where I can. Sometimes I pull the battery for a minute to clear the cache, but then I always afraid I will start having battery issues. Anyone else got some speed tricks?
I've had the phone get laggy if I try to upload 10-15 photos to Facebook simultaneously, or put other strain on it. When that happens I've used the battery pull, that's always worked. Hate doing it though.

Once it got very laggy when I installed a live wallpaper and had to uninstall the wallpaper .

Only had the phone 1.5 months or so, wish there was a better way to tell what its processing status / capability is.

A question about performance battery mode -- how much does it shorten battery lifespan? I'm on Smart Mode, and battery lasts about 1 workday (8 a.m. to 9 p.m.) unless I sit and play games or enable satellite location.


Try going into your sd card and storage under settings and unmount your sd card then format your card be sure to save your pictures and whatever you want off your phone on your computer, but I just did this and my Droid is running like brand new. Also removing the fbook app and deleting text conversations helps speed it up.


Mine was going extremely slow and jerky today, I finally got the battery usage program to open - and it said unplugged for 0s. Which was odd, since it was plugged in to the charger.
Unplugged the charger, and it is back to full speed. I'm getting a new charger.