Help Droid X Stuck On White Screen After Battery Dies


Last night my battery died before I could get to my charger, and it powered off by itself. I am running CM9 Beta. When I plugged in the wall charger, the phone acted like it was about to power back on. It got past the first little boot animation (I previously was running YACK) that shows a yack, then goes straight to a bright, solid white screen. That's it.....nothing else. The green light is NOT on when plugged into the wall charger. To get the white screen off I have to do a battery pull. I removed the battery and SD card and held the power button down for about 10-15 seconds to try and drain any residual power, then tried again. Same thing.

When I plug the USB cord into my laptop, the LED light stays solid green, but it still isn't coming on. I removed the battery and plugged in the wall charger without the battery on, and it still won't boot. Still gets stuck at the bright white screen.

I've tried holding down Home & Power to get to recovery...nothing. I get into bootloader and it says "Battery Low...Unable To Program".....

I currently have it plugged back into the laptop with the USB cord, and the LED is staying solid green, which I read elsewhere means it is charging the battery, and will go off when it is powered up enough to turn on....but I have read conflicting statements about that as well.

This is my work phone (issued by work) and I need it back on ASAP. My concern is that it won't even boot without the battery....any suggestions??

Sorry so long winded, but wanted to show everyone I have tried every trick I know...time for some experts, so hit me up with some knowledge!! Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

EDIT: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE EFFING KIDDING ME!!! I have been messing with this all night long, and had it plugged into the laptop here at work whilst typing this.....I swear as SOON as I hit submit on my post the freaking phone came back on!!! I have been lurking around these forums for quite a while, and knew everyone was good, but DAMN, I didn't know you all were so good all I had to do was click submit and my phone would be fixed!!!