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Droid X Themes & Extras - HERE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Androider4Life, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    This is a list of Themes and some Extra's for the Droid X.

    The themes are listed by ROM compatibility. One's marked “Verified” will represent the ones the creator verified with me or it states in the creators post. If it does not say “verified” I used my digression. If something is wrong, don’t shoot the messenger.

    - If you find dead links or anything I am missing, please PM me.

    - If a theme is listed under the wrong section PM me.

    - If a theme works with other roms other then the section listed in, PM me and I will note it on that theme.

    - If you have questions or issues regarding a theme, direct your question to that creators post.

    - Updated 1/23/2011

    - See my ROM section - HERE

    Themes for Apex

    Creator: Fabolous

    eXtreme Orange

    Themes for rubiX

    Creator: gregtard
    DarkAndroid for rubiX Focused 1.9.3
    Blue Droid Theme for rubiX Focused 1.8.6, 1.9.3, & 1.9.0 Leak/Non-Leak
    Dark Android for RubiX 1.9.5

    Creator: JsinLegacy and Rola
    iX for rubiX Focused
    Xpired for rubiX Focused- post#3
    Sinful Series for rubiX Focused

    Creator: Juicemane
    Black Juice for rubiX Focused (2 color choices)
    Black Juice for rubiX Blurry

    Creator: mmobley
    eXtreme Orange

    Creator: bgill55
    Linear For Rubix Focused

    Creator: RetroKid223
    NexTheme For Rubix 1.9.5

    Ported By: RoLa
    Flavored Ice- Dark Berry Edition by Jairomeo for Rubix Focused

    Creator: Team Incognito
    Incognito Back bar mod for Ruibx Focused

    Themes for GummyJar

    Creator: bgill55
    Linear For Gummy Jar

    Creator: Btros
    Gummy_WaterMark for GummyJar

    Creator: mikeyinid
    Mysterious Beast-From Epic 4G
    Liquid-RevoLution 2.5
    Ultimate Droid for GummyJar 2.5
    White and Gala-S GB w/10% battery
    Luna for GummyJar 2.5
    Gummy_WaterMark 2.5

    Creator: RetroKid223
    NexTheme For GummyJar 2.5
    MattedBlues For GummyJar2.5

    Creator: ad0131065
    Black AOSP for GummyJar 2.5

    Creator: bignadad
    BigDX Serenity For GummyJAR 2.5

    Creator: sunder74
    NexTheme Mod for GummyJar 2.5

    Themes for Fission

    Creator: javroch
    Black Out for Fission DX

    Creator: Many Creators
    Themes for the Fission Rom

    Creator: Faber78
    KangeradeX for Fission
    Black, White, and Chrome for Fission 2.4.2

    Creator: Joe722
    X v1.1.4 for Fission 2.0+

    Ports By: Bjoe722
    NexTheme for Fission
    Revolution Remix for Fission
    Galaxy S for Fission
    Revolution for Fission
    Kangerade Blue for Fission

    Creator: sonnysekhom
    Lucid for Fission 2.4.3

    Creator: Acid'sMark
    Galaxy_S_1.2.1 for Fission 2.4.X

    Themes for Rum RX

    Themes for Tranquility

    Creator: Mrbobrowitz
    Galaxy S for Tranquility

    Creator: gregtard
    DarkAndroid for Tranquility 3.5 & 3.5.1

    Creator: BGill55
    Linear (via TranQ toolbox only)

    Creator: BBCrackman
    Darkslide (via TranQ toolbox also)

    Creator: Natemz
    RedX (via TranQ toolbox also)

    Creator: P3Droid
    Gingerbread (TranQ toolbox only)

    Creator: Manup456
    NexTheme (via TranQ toolbox only)

    Creator: Gregtard
    DarkGreen (via TranQ toolbox only)

    Themes for Obsidian

    Creator: bgill55
    Linear For Obsidian

    Themes for 2.3.340

    List By: waremike32

    Themes for 2.2 Roms

    Creator: Juicemane
    Blur Based Black Juice Theme

    Creator: Fabolous
    REVOlution R2

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  2. Kirch21

    Kirch21 Android Enthusiast

    what ones work on rubiXs 1.6?
  3. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    You would have to go to links and see if the creator notes it. I am only providing a list of themes and not compatibility of what works with which.
  4. hermy65

    hermy65 Newbie

    has anybody tested the darkedge beta?
  5. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    I have...Its broken lol...Color scheme isnt right. One issue is when you type up a text message or type in a search box, the text is white along with the text field. So you cannot see what you typed. And the notification bar is scrambled. The creator didnt have a DX when making the theme so thats why it is beta. I send him weekly PM"s asking when a offical release is coming and he said soon.
  6. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    UPDATED: Added Black Juice for rubiX Focused 1.6
  7. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    UPDATE: This weekend I plan to modify the list and break it into the following sections: Blur, Blur-less, Doesn’t Matter and Specific Rom. This morning I PMed all the theme creators on the list and asked for them to hit me back and advise of the compatibility of their theme(s). Lets hope I hear from them all.

    If you know 100% of a compatibility of a certain theme please PM ME and let me know. Please don’t post a reply to advise.

    If the theme has a rom title in it , then of cousrse I know its compatibility...

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  8. acidbath5546

    acidbath5546 Android Enthusiast

  9. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    BIG UPDATE: I have fully revamped the whole list . Please PM me if you find any issues or missing items.
  10. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    UPDATED: Nebraska Theme link updated
  11. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    can this be stickied or something? its annoying to keep searching for it
    as some of us have an unhealthy addiction to flashing roms and themes
  12. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    They have different sticky rules. For what I understand, they just don't sticky something if you ask. I feel the same way you do. I have to go into my subscriptions to find my posts to update them
  13. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    UPDATED: Added 5 new themes ported over by Joe772 ​
  14. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    I will be going thru the lists and making updates this weekend. I've been busy lately...Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
  15. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    Hope to find time on Monday or Tuesday to get things updated. When on vacation from work it's hard to get motivated...
  16. Steven58


    We appreciate your work, Ex. There's a lot of new stuff out there and you are the reference directory for the internet! :)

    Thanks! +1
  17. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    UPDATED: Too many updates to list....If missing anything let me know. Theres so many themes out there now, I'm bound to have missed a few
  18. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

  19. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    REQUEST... Since I found a theme I like, I haven't been looking for new ones. So I would imagine the Theme List is missing ALOT of themes. Please PM me any links to new themes that I am missing. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it all myself. Thanks Guys
  20. BringTheRain403

    BringTheRain403 Android Enthusiast

    Would you be able to list which themes work with .340?
  21. GasserBGB1

    GasserBGB1 Member

    Would it be possible to get screens?
  22. faber78

    faber78 Guest

    can i get fries with that?
  23. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    Probably none on this list do. I haven't had the time to see what new is out.Now that I run ApeX and its pre-themed im not browsing for themes anymore.

    Screens would be too much linking to keep up. I've thought about it but too much work. Just click the theme link and you'll see the screens.LOL

    Sure..What size?
  24. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    I hope to get the list updated in a few days. Themes are popping up everywhere and I know the list is missing alot. I wish I would have reserved Post#2 so I could have moved the old 2.3.15 themes to there to lighten the main list of the most current themes.
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  25. Androider4Life

    Thread Starter

    Themes for 2.2 Froyo 2.3.15 Deodexed Roms (if these themes work on other Roms PM ME and I will note it)

    Creator: phimuskapsi
    Vanilla Android

    Creator: drewden123 - Verified

    Creator: D13 - Verified
    NexTheme w/ Teenfaces statusbar

    Creator: Webst3r
    SenseX 2.2

    Creator: 928 Droid
    Black Glass X

    Creator: bad4u6669 - Verified
    Red Overload
    Royal Blue

    Creator: bignadad
    BiG Droid X

    Creator: Mike919
    Purple Passion

    Creator: Mrbobrowitz - Verified "Themes will work for any Blur/ Non Blur Rom"
    Galaxy S
    Drop Theme (Red)

    Creator: Explodee
    Froyo Dynamite

    Creator: ULTRALINX
    Minimal Matte - gotta pay for it

    Creator: Krayzee - Verified
    Droid X theme - he needs beta testers

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