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Droid X unavailable?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carracerz14, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The Droid X was no where to be found on verizon.com today, idk when it happened but even when I search for it it shows up but when I click on it it says this selection is unavailable. Does this just mean that they are sold out somehow or are they already starting to discontinue it? I hope not...

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  2. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Android Expert

    I just checked on Verizon's site and it just says that it's out of stock.
  3. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    That's weird. It didn't say that for me
  4. cbaty08

    cbaty08 Member

    May be for the new DX2?
  5. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones...

    Naaahhh - too early for that, although it's a sweet idea. :)

  6. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

  7. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    Go to droiddoes.com
  8. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well that price drop is nice for some people my verizon retailer is giving me the phone for 125 anyway. And it still includes the 16gb micro sd card
  9. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    I have not checked recently, but Costco had them for $9.99 the other day.
  10. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I' m pretty sure that is new customers only. Though my moms boyfriend just got the x and our guy gave him 100 bucks off PLUS the mail in rebate for another 100. With Michigan sales tax the total was only 106 so with the rebate it only cost him 6 bucks. The state made more then verizon did lol
  11. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    Possibly. You might want to check it out anyway. I did an upgrade for my wife for a Droid Pro from Costco online for a penny, but with CA tax laws, I had to pay $40. Verizon wanted $179, plus the tax. No thanks!
  12. Wally World

    Wally World Android Expert

    2gb micro sd? Do they even make them that small anymore? (that's what she said)
  13. Raptor912

    Raptor912 Android Enthusiast

    Damn you CA!
  14. Hotwir3

    Hotwir3 Newbie

    Wow. I just bought my Droid X this weekend. Think I could go to the store and request a $50 refund?! :mad:
  15. BeastMD

    BeastMD Well-Known Member

    I went to the site and went to upgrade my line and on the landing page where it tells you if you are eligible for and upgrade and next to the picture of the droid x and it say "Droid X old version", looks like the end is near.
  16. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The end if life was always scheduled for march 31st. That does not mean the phone is useless at all. I cannot get my upgrade until march 12 th but I will probably still get this phone.
  17. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Android Expert

    Ha! I was coming here to ask about this. My husband has the X and I was just looking at our account and saw the same thing. I was like, "Old version? WTF?" :thinking: We're both getting ready to upgrade to the Thunderbolt, and my upgrade is first. I better not tell him he now has the "old version" or he'll try and steal my upgrade!
  18. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I don't see where it says that lol. My went back to saying unavailable
  19. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert

    Check out Cosco. EXCELLENT PRICES right now!!
  20. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Android Expert

    Do you mean tge brick and mortar store, or Cosco.com?
  21. Teegunn

    Teegunn Android Expert

    Does costco have a 1 year option on an upgrade? I realize it won't be at the 9.99 price they were offering the X at with a 2 year contract. I won't sign a 2 year contract. If they offer the X with a 1 year contract on an upgrade for even 99.99 I would go for it right now.

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