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Droid X vs Droid Incredible vs Fascinate...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by pjr710, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. pjr710

    pjr710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Decisions decisions..

    i have a shitty ass BBstorm right now, and am trying to decide which phone to get. I would get the fascinate if it was out.. but its not yet, and i don't know when it will be

    as far as incredible and X go.. i prefer the size of the incredible, but the UI on the X is a little better. I'm also looking for the best browser experience and fastest phone that will play the best games and cause the least problems

    what are your suggestions?

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  2. Get the Samsung. Better screen, great processor, same price.

    Motorola devices now ship with eFuse which makes rooting a chore, more so than it already is without it, and putting custom ROMs on it seem a long ways away, if ever.
  3. pjr710

    pjr710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    well i have verizon and have no idea when their samsung is gunna be released
  4. ImSpartacus

    ImSpartacus Newbie

    I have a Droid X.

    I am not sure which phone is the best choice. I have created a chart that compares features of the three phones. It is a very difficult decision.


    Since the Fascinate is not a Droid-branded phone, it will receive little love from Verizon. I wouldn't be surprised if support was completely ended after the 2.2 update.

    The Droid Incredible is just a CDMA Nexus One. Verizon adopted the DInc so they wouldn't have to adopt the wide-open Nexus One.

    The Droid X will be Verizon's flagship until the holiday season (Gingerbread). It is very reasonable to assume that the DX will get a Gingerbread update along with the D2.
  5. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Android Expert

    Thats the whole reason why I like it. It'll hit the $79.99 discount bin much quicker or buy one droid and get another phone free type of deal.
  6. pjr710

    pjr710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    how is the D2 going to be .. i haven't heard much about it .. and the pics i've seen it looks just like the first one
  7. ogami_ito

    ogami_ito Newbie


    What does community mean on your chart? How do you measure it?

    BTW, I'm in China and I will either be buying a Galaxy on the grey market, or a China Mobile Motorola XT701. I have read that Motorola is slow in providing updates, and it is not sure what carriers will provide updates (and I bet China Mobile is not as responsive as Western carriers). In such a case, is it more important to buy a non-bootloader-locked phone?
  8. ImSpartacus

    ImSpartacus Newbie

    That's a good point. The Fascinate will hit the bargain bin quicker than the droid phones.

    However, by the time the Fascinate gets a discount, Gingerbread will be knocking on our door. It will bring dual core CPUs and 2GHz single core CPUs among other upgrades.
  9. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Never realized or thought about it like that....That would be a very nice deal.

    I have an X, and I'm jealous of the Samsung's TV Out...Before its said n done I might have about 4-5 phones and 2-3 tablets....lol
  10. JuicyJones

    JuicyJones Well-Known Member

    Incredible and Fascinate have the same LED screen, X is probably the fastest. Web browser is best on the Incredible (this applies only to X & Incredible). On the X if you use the multitouch zoom it doesn't resize text to fit the screen. That is a basic feature that is missing from the X that the Incredible has. Although the Incredible & the X have 8mp cameras, the X gives more camera option but both take great pictures. I notice pictures that require flash (in a dark room) the Incredible took a better picture. But the size of the X is monstrous. The X also self destructs if you try to load custom roms on it...that's definitely something to think about if you want to root your device.

    I'm going to avoid Samsung because from my experience they have never stayed committed to updating their phones. I'm sure 2.2 will be the end of updates for the Fascinate. I vowed to never buy a Samsung again when I was a Windows Mobile user and they wouldn't make a 6.5 update for their devices.

    EDIT: X is also back ordered until mid August, Incredible ships on the 5th..
  11. pjr710

    pjr710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i'm not thrilled about having a samsung phone. i don't know if i care for the auto text adjust tbh.

    the fascinate has super amoled while the inc only has amoled.

    I also noticed that the inc and the galaxy s take better video @30fps instead of droids 24fps .. it really shows if u look at videos online

    i would definately want to throw psx4droid on any phone i get .. don't know if it has to be rooted or not .. i'm not sure what that even means .. is it like jailbreaking?
  12. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Android Enthusiast

    The samsung will be faster with gaming with its hummingbird processor. The samsung is fastest, then the X with its ti omap, then the droid inc. and any other snapdragon phone. Thing is...there are issues with the galaxy s phone including issues with lag related to I/O, and there is a major issue with the gps not locking on. Until samsung acknowledges that they are fixing these things, I wouldn't recommend a galaxy s phone to anyone. That said, I switched from verizon to at&t to get the galaxy s captivate phone. I couldn't wait on the fascinate, and plus the captivate is $90 on amazon and i get a 16% discount with at&t premier on my monthly bill. I got the galaxy s with faith that saumsung will fix these issues in the froyo update. Froyo is officially coming to the original galaxy s in semptember. The only other differences between the other galaxy s phones is flash on the verizon version, and no ffc on any other version except the epic 4g going to sprint so i don't think it will be long before all galaxy s phones have froyo.
  13. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Android Enthusiast

    The two screens are completely different. I brought my droid inc into an at&t store to compare it with the captivate. The super AMOLED screen is a significant increase in quality from the AMOLED in the incredible. If the jump from a lcd to amoled was 100% better, I would say the jump from amoled to super amoled is a 50-75% increase in quality. I thought the only major diference would be less reflection. I didn't notice that, but what I did notice is that blacks were actually blacker and colors more vibrant. I didn't think things would get any better than the amoled on my incredible.

    As for speed, the galaxy s phones are technically faster, but they are suffering an I/O issue causing lag so some users are reporting the interface isn't as fast. When it comes to gaming and such, the galaxy s phones have more raw horsepower.

    Further reading:

    I wouldn't say that samsung isn't going to update after 2.2. Samsung is putting a lot behind their 'galaxy s' name. This is why they decided to keep the same name across all carriers, creating a brand to try and take on the iphone and create more buzz around the galaxy s name brand. With the power of the hummingbird processor, I'm sure they will keep bringing on updates.
  14. pjr710

    pjr710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    does anyone know if teh Froyo update will make the browser faster and smoother? after using all the droid phones, the pinch and zoom works nice, but it just doesnt compare to the iphone's smoothness ... does anyone know if this will be fixed w/ froyo?
  15. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Android Expert

    Yes, Froyo will make Browsing faster, much faster. Also, I think its possible that the CDMA Galaxy S versions won't have the I/O problems due to the fact that they will use a different type of storage for apps...
  16. killadanny

    killadanny Android Expert

    Will the Fascinate have a FFC?
  17. SirKronan

    SirKronan Android Expert


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