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Droid X2 - Browsers - User Agent - ISSUE

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by eebvending, May 26, 2011.

  1. eebvending

    eebvending Newbie
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    Here is the background and the problem:

    I'm coming from a D1 and used Dolphin. I had the UA set for Desktop and had no problems viewing regular websites.

    Now I have a DX2 and thus far have tried Dolphin, Dolphin HD, Miren and Skyfire to try and correct a problem. With the UA set to Desktop, there are 2 sites that I go to everyday that will not display the regular site and diverts to the mobile one. This is happening in all 4 of these browsers. As far as any other site I've gone to there has been no problem rendering the regular version.

    So, is this a DX2 issue and if it is, why do most sites work fine and not a couple others? If they weren't sites I went to all the time (including my normal homepage) I probably wouldn't care. However the mobile sites for these 2 are down right wretched.

    I would appreciate any feedback and especially if someone who also has a DX2 (or DX if this was an issue with that device too) knows of a fix or a work-around.


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