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droidFlex - Reflex game and tool!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gmaster1440, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Feb 4, 2009

    Feb 4, 2009
    This fun,addicting game is all about reflexes. Play the 6 challenging levels in one-player mode while competing for the global high-scores or go up against your friend in two-player mode and see who's reaction dominates.
    Code (Text):
    1. One-player mode features several challenging levels, each with an increased requirement difficulty to advance. Players must tap the blue "press" button to initiate the random timer. After an x number of seconds, the background screen will change color (can be customized). The player must then tap the button again as quickly as he can.
    2. The offset time will be recorded in milliseconds, and the average of all the turns (varies depending on how long it takes for the player to win) is submitted to the global high scores.
    3. The player is penalized with an early touch. In other words, the player initiated the timer, but touched the button for the second time before the color changed. This will bring the player one level down. The second way the player can get penalized is if he/she is unable to fulfill the offset requirement to advance to the next level.
    4. The score in this game is not an arbitrary number. It is a fairly accurate representation of the offset between the change of background to the player's input. droidFlex doesn't only have to be a game. Feel free to use it as a tool to measure how quick your friends (or parents :) really are.
    5. After each game (one-player or two), players will be able to view their average score and the amount of turns it took them to complete the tasks. Players will also have the opportunity to then submit their average score to the global high scores and see how they rank up against other players around the world.
    Hey guys. This is my second legit android application. The reason why I haven't been coding in a while is because recently I have been diagnosed with diabetes. The main intent of this application (of course besides have fun) is to hopefully raise some money for meds and stuff (you'd be surprised ). The app is currently up for $0.99 on SlideMe and going to go up for $0.99 on Android (as soon as paid apps become allowed). I appreciate each and everyone of you who downloads this fun application, for you not only bought yourself a little package of fun, but also helped someone along the way.



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