Android Expert
Dec 8, 2009
Cleveland, OH
Getting ready to customize my DROID's boot animation. Opened 1 of 2 folders of PNG files using Adobe Bridge. 76 files in the first folder, 16 files in the second. The first set of files draw the "DROID" word, then the eye.


The second 16 files animate the eye.

I dunno if it's possible to do this or not, but could it be made into some sort of animated wallpaper, and have the glowing eye stare at you from the middle of the screen?
Joe - can you make the eye blink and open again - I'm sure if you are open to trying, you could throw your artistic side to it and make it fit the whole idea of this crazy droid eye.
Lemme know
Just think it would be cool if it blinked a couple times at you.
Maybe one day I will get up the nerve to root my phone. I'd love the option to change up the boot animation.

But then I would have to learn how to make one.

Good work guys!
doesn't it checks "/data/local/"
then "/system/media/"
i thought it works in that way ? :S

Yes. But I *think* it then writes it to the /system/media directory. So, either directory works actually. I'm just used to this way.

The /data/local/ directory was discovered later on.