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Droids Pure Wi-Fi Function

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by craby1925, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. craby1925

    craby1925 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey, i have a method to get a droid on verizon without a data plan. But what i want to know is if the droid has many core functions that need 3g to work. Like if checking for an OTA update checks over 3g or what not. Please any information is helpful.

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  2. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast

    You can get OTA updates off the web too by just downloading the "update.zip" (usually hosted here in the forums or an easy Google to find) file onto your SD card and rebooting into recovery and installing the update manually, so you won't miss out on anything there. This is for unrooted phones too.

    Other than that, no, the Droid doesn't have anything it absolutely needs 3G for to function properly. You can even turn off data services in the settings to prevent data usage (for if you have a low bandwidth cap). I see no reason why it wouldn't function fine without a data plan or cellular data connection.

    So what method are you using to keep off the data plan? Flashing it to Cricket?
  3. gnath9

    gnath9 Android Enthusiast

    SMS/MMS require data ...
  4. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast

    No they don't. I just turned off data services on my Droid and just sent out a SMS and MMS to someone and also received them back. I have no 3G or 1x connection after disabling it and it still worked.
  5. craby1925

    craby1925 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Im going to use VZW but i plan to buy one of ebay, call up vzw customer sevice Aand say i would like to activate my moto barrage, which doesn't require data plan. when i give the, the meid they will see it telling them the phones a droid, then theyll edit there system and make the meid say to verizon its a moto barrage. Im only doing this because im tight on money and have always wanted android since the g1 came out. If you have any skepticism please me.
  6. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast

    Lol, I don't think you'll be able to convince them that the MEID is the wrong for the phone model. That would be like telling your car insurance company that the VIN for your Ford Mustang is actually a Kia Forte. But by all means, give it a try and let us know how it works out ;).
  7. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    If you're that tight on money, why not check out the plans/phones on TMobile and Sprint. I believe they're far cheaper and both have some solid android phones now.
  8. gnath9

    gnath9 Android Enthusiast

    thats because you were on wifi (data) my point was only that you will need to be on wifi to send and recieve sms/mms(data). I may be wrong tho :rolleyes:
  9. craby1925

    craby1925 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i really don't think they care that much. and there are so many phones by vzw that if your extremely persistent, you can get vzw to "fix" the meid and the system. I really do believe it will work. And addressing that issue on data. Im not turning off data through vzw, i am saying that my droid is a barrage with pics messaging allowing for small picture related data charges. This is all a theory, but if people can have an meid added i think they can get someone to change vzw's system to have a meid changed.
  10. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast

    No, you are definitely wrong. I was at work where no WiFi exists and my WiFi radio was off. On top of that, all SMS/MMS and voice communications on the phone goes through the carrier and can not go through WiFi (even if you're connected to a WiFi access point, it won't take that route/use that connection). I am 100% certain of this. The only exception to this rule is if you're using Google Voice and SMS services that use a separate phone number from your carrier number (which requires a data connection).

    If you want to get technical, then yes, SMS/MMS requires your phone to transfer data (following that logic, voice and every other bit of communications from your phone uses data bandwidth), but not in the sense that the carrier treats it as a data service. That's why you get charged separately for SMS/MMS from voice and data services.

    So as far as the carrier and the phone goes, no, you're phone doesn't need a 3G/1x or WiFi connection to use SMS/MMS services.
  11. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    T4rd is correct. No data connection is required to send an SMS message. This is why messaging plans are separate from data plans. On older phones without data plans, for instance, certain instant messaging clients (AIM for instance) were able to send messages through the SMS channel to avoid unwanted data costs. You do not need to be on WiFI or 3G in order to send or receive SMS, just as you do not need to be on those networks to make or receive phone calls.
  12. craby1925

    craby1925 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    if there are any people that know how vzw's systems work, are there anyflaws in myidea? Is it like verizon cannot edit there system to make a droid appear as a barrage, or is it that all meid are set in stone and nothing can ever be changed?, any help is very helpful!

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