Drop Block


Hey everyone!

I'm an indie game dev, and just got a new game on the market, and I'd love some (any... :eek:) feedback!

I haven't released anything since I open-sourced 'Flying Aces' (after some legal BS with Firemint), so it's nice to be back into the swing of things.

It's a physics puzzle game, similar to 'Red Remover' and 'Red Block Remover' on PC and iPhone respectively.

The demo "Drop Block DEMO" on Market, has the first 20 levels. The full version has 75 levels - all of which are possible, once you know the tricks. Some require great planning, others just require speed, some a bit of luck.

It also comes with a level editor - and the ability to upload/share/browse user-submitted levels really easily. I hope as the game grows, and players begin to complete the game, user-submitted levels will become a great source of endless entertainment.

Thanks all, and, be nice :D


ps. I hope this is the right forum ... ahh


Could you put a QR code so it's easier for future readers to check out your product?

Anyway, I'm downloading it right now, gonna check it later.


I thought I would share...

I played the demo for this game, got up to, but not past, level 20, and stopped. I had finished all the previous levels and liked what I saw so I bought it. I should have finished level 20 because I got stuck on it in the paid version. I felt kind of stupid because 1) I was stuck and 2) I was stuck on the last *free* level of a game I *paid* for (not that it cost much, but it's the principle). I just couldn't find a safe place for that green ball that falls vertically. I went searching to see if anyone had any hints, and found this thread. Just when I was about to contact the developer (hello, developer!) to ask for a hint, I decided to try it one more time. I never expected that red and green ball to exchange places like that. Who would have thunk it? (well, except for like everyone else in the world who bought the game)