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Dropbox: Good file sharing App for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by spiderboyy, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Dropbox has been a premier cloud file storage system for our desktops. It offers a free 2 gigabytes of storage for free, with additional storage for a fee. Now they have released an Android application which is a pretty good thing for many users. Although Dropbox does have a web interface, which lets you access your files from anything with a web browser, the app does offer a few nice features that the web interface doesn't have. What are those features? Read on to find out.


    Dropbox is a nicely crafted application. After downloading it from the market, you are greeted with a login screen, which also allows you to create an account. Once you are signed in, Dropbox displays all your folders and files right there. Going through the folders is as simple as tapping them, and downloading files is the same. Deleting files is also fairly simple and can be done with a long press. The User Interface is simple and clean, and there aren't many flashy UI choices here, but an app like this doesn't need those. Hitting the menu button on your handset brings up a number of options like Search, New, Upload, Refresh, Help, and Settings. The settings app doesn't allow you to change much, but it does give you a look at how much space you've used on your account, and gives you the ability to unlink your handset from the account.


    Dropbox does have a few advantages over its browser based brother. As previously stated, you can go through and check out all your folders and apps in a simple interface, and you can also upload things from your own handset to access on your desktop later. But the one major advantage is the ability to stream music and videos. When placing a properly formatted video on Dropbox, the user can then simply tap the video file, and Dropbox will stream the video directly from the account, without taking up too much storage on the phone. Of course a lot of this is still subjected to the network speed you currently have, but downloads and streaming were fairly fast on 3G, and a little sluggish on Edge, but they got the job done.


    Dropbox is the best file storage system on Android. It's simple user interface is inviting to users who may not be as savvy as others, and its dead simple to use. The application is free and as previously stated, you get 2 gigabytes to store whatever you want on. For users that may not want to invest in a larger SD card, or simply want some extra space, Dropbox is a no-brainer.


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