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Dropbox: Incredibly Useful App

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MostFoolhardy, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. MostFoolhardy

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    Dropbox itself is a very useful application, installed on however many PC's, Apple Mac's or Linux boxes, will keep a folder in perfect synchronisation between them. The folder is size limited to about 2Gb, although up to 8GB or so can be gained by completing a few tutorials- or by encouraging friends to sign up. If you're already using dropbox, and have encouraged friends to sign up but they didn't use your links: email dropbox support; they're exceptionally helpful and will usually add the extra space to your account.
    Android App
    Chances are, you already use dropbox and just want to know about the App itself. It provides an exceptionally convenient interface to all the files in your dropbox, allows on the go editing of files. It's been able to view pretty much any file I've thrown at it, but if you're using android 2.1+ then it's worth installing the Acrobat reader application along side it. The app also adds an entry into the sharing menu, which can be used to upload files to your public folder- providing the app that called it with the url.

    Overall, very much worth downloading and using. Performs very well on my G1.


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