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Dropped calls LG LS-720

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by DikB, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am getting many, many dropped calls since I got this phone over three months ago. I called the first week I had it and was told the local tower was being upgraded. Fine, but I also had the problem while shopping 20 miles away. The local problem never got fixed. And, I have had the issue throughout the state, while travelling across country for four days, and now where I am travelling. I'm not talking about one or two dropped calls, I'm talking about the majority. In the last 24 hours 8 of 11 calls were dropped. Today's discussion with support was typical. I repeat the problem description yet again, they tell me they are checking local towers, I tell them it's not just a local problem, on and on we go. Support person says system is fine, must be my phone. What did tech support tell me yesterday? I say opposite of what you said. He says that's wrong, he will make a "warm connect" with tech support. Wait. Tech comes on line, acts like he knows nothing of the problem. Start from square one again. He says they are upgrading the local tower. Why do I have the problem everywhere? They are doing a system-wide upgrade. When will it be done? Can't say, should be Jan 5.


    Can I move this phone to Straight Talk? Or some other carrier that actually works?

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  2. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    I believe Virgin Mobile phones are locked to their network. You might be able to switch it to another carrier, but it would involve modifying it.

    Try asking here:
    (Virgin Mobile) Optimus F3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
  3. metsfan99

    metsfan99 Well-Known Member

    I don't have experience with that model, but VM phones can't be used on any other carrier. Did you check to see if their was a discussion thread dedicated to your model? If there is, you might get help there. Otherwise, I'd contact VM and ask them to exchange your phone, if they can't solve why it's happening, unless you bought is somewhere that has a generous return/exchange policy and will exchange it for you. A faulty phone is always a possibility.
  4. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    VM refuses to exchange phones. I keep getting told there is work being done on the local tower, no matter where I am. I am going to call evey day until my month is up.
  5. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just spent 2 hours on the line with Virgin Mobile an no resolution to my problem. Had two important calls today and both were dropped after <2 minutes. While on the phone with tech support tonight, a different VM agent called me on my VM phone to work the issue and that call was dropped after < 1 minute! They "escalated" my issue on Jan 7, 3 weeks ago, and no resolution. >50% of calls dropped. Totally unacceptable. I have no choice but to go elsewhere for a different phone and carrier. No way I can recommend Virgin Mobile after 4 months of >50% dropped calls.
  6. RealFastOne

    RealFastOne Well-Known Member

    I would recommend that you email Virgin Mobile customer support and detail all the actions you have taken as per your prior posts. Though LG products are pretty reliable, my guess is that the device is defective. The Sprint network is not THAT bad. Usually Virgin Mobile will replace a phone relatively easily (regardless of where you purchased it) to retain the customer. Request a replacement phone.

    Good luck and please post your results.
  7. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I took your advice; we'll see what happens.

    It would be nice to get in touch with someone at Virgin that can do more than follow a script. It is very frustrating to work with them. Last night I asked three or four times to talk to a supervisor, and each time got shuffled to another tech. Each time they acted as if they didn't know what my issue was, and started with "let me check the local tower" which is useless because as I explained repeatedly I have the problem everywhere I go. They tell me the network is fine and my phone is fine. When I ask how many dropped calls is acceptable they say none. They tell me my issue has been escalated as of Jan 7. Really? Two weeks of "escalation" and nothing?

    I am travelling for 6 weeks and it is going to be hard to get another phone from a different carrier.

    Lesson learned. When getting a new phone, use it immediately and often, and aggressively report any issues to support. If not remedied within the return period, send the phone back.

    I may want to try a different phone and/or carrier. I would like to do that with a different phone number, in case it doesn't work. Can I change a new phone back to my existing number after a few weeks?
  8. RealFastOne

    RealFastOne Well-Known Member

    The email will give the rep a chance to check your history and research the problem without having the pressure of having the client on the line, and then kick it up to a tech that can make a decision.

    If you try another carrier, do not stop the Virgin Mobile phone until the new carrier ports the number to it. Otherwise, you would lose the number. If you are going into a retail location to get this done, they should be able to assist with that. You may have to reset or change accounts.

    It seems that T-Mobile is stealing most of the Virgin customers. You might try them if Virgin Mobile can't get their act together to try and retain a customer.

    Again, Good Luck!
  9. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I got no response to the email yet, but called again and was able to get transferred to a tech. She had me reset the phone (again) and make a test call, which did not get dropped after 4 minutes, so she said "fixed". I said maybe, maybe not. She offered to call back in 30 minutes; I said great, I had calls to make. 2nd call got dropped. When she called back and I told her, she offered to replace the phone. Finally.

    I will report back after it arrives.
  10. RealFastOne

    RealFastOne Well-Known Member

    When you get the replacement phone and ship the other one back, check the shipping tracking number to make sure they receive the old phone. Wait a day or two and call them to verify with a rep that their system SHOWS they got the phone back.

    You want to verify that their system shows receipt of the old phone back so they do not cancel your service for lack of returning the old phone. I have seen forum posts of that happening.
  11. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the tip.
  12. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The replacement phone was delivered very quickly. I was able to swap over to the new phone without too much trouble, by doing a backup to and restore from my SD card. Only a few minor things did not transfer. I don't make a lot of calls, and few long calls, but I have had no dropped calls at all!

    I am having a voicemail notification issue however that I am working. I'm getting SMS messages from Sprint at 9016 that I believe should be turning on voicemail notification but instead are coming through as texts.
  13. RealFastOne

    RealFastOne Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you got this resolved or not, but you may have to contact Virgin Mobile and have them reset your voice mail.
  14. DikB

    DikB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I spent another couple of hours with three VM techs but did finally get the issue resolved. They don't listen very well. I said the problem is that I'm not getting voicemail notifications, but they acted as if I weren't getting voicemails, so yes they did reset my voicemail which did nothing. They did some things on their end, not sure what, but in the end it was a reset to factory defaults on my phone that cleared up the issue. A bit annoying to have to set up voicemail and phone settings over and over, but it does appear that everything is working now, at last.
  15. RealFastOne

    RealFastOne Well-Known Member

    I am glad you got it resolved. Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!

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