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May 18, 2010
I got this phone for my girlfriend, but when she's home she drops calls like crazy. Last night, within a span of 1 hour, she dropped over 15 calls (we kept having to redial back and forth). I had her check her signal strength, and she was sitting at around -100dB (+/- 10 or so). I checked mine, and it was hovering around -80dB, so I think it's safe to say I wasn't dropping calls. Plus, when she was at my place, she had fine call quality and no drops.

Question is, who else has dropped calls, and is it a VZW tower issue or the phone? She's in Orlando, FL in zip code 32825, and I'm up in Boston. It's really frustrating, because I switched her to VZW and the DInc from Sprint, because she was having such horrible reception with Sprint. Now, we're dealing with a boat load of dropped calls, and our only real mode of communication is the phone (mostly), GTalk, and texting/email.

Any work around or thoughts?
here is something worth a shot... dial *228 press option 2 when commanded, the phone will reset itself (reboot), then make sure your outside and press *18, this will possibly connect to the nearest cell tower. it may improve reception.