dropped phone freezing

samsung galaxy s2

dropped my phone last night..landed on its back. back cover fell off and battery came out.

put battery back in turned on and now it freezes on the title screen that says samsung s2..wont go any further.

please help if anyone has had this problem..tried turning on and off, cleaning and charging it nothings working.


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i may not be an expert but when one says 'dropped their phone and now it won't work' i think the cause is pretty obvious, sorry. this is one reason i don't use expensive phones, as i work a job that damages phones and i have to replace them often.


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Hey there michaeltay31, I run a GS2 and have dropped a couple of times and had to do a reset, whether your rooted or not, have the unit off, then hold the power button down and at the same time hold the volume button up, that will take you into recovery whether your rooted or not, then do a factory reset. You will loss all your stuff on your phone if your not rooted and have a backup, if your rooted then of course run that.