Dropped something on my screen


I've been getting quotes from a few stores in my area and the prices are outrageous. I was wondering what you guys thought since they want to charge me around $400 to fix it.

My tablets screen is cracked pretty badly. The pan lid fell close to the button at the bottom.. The tablet still turns on, you can still swipe from side to side, use the camera, all of that. There is one spot about an inch thick running from the bottom to the top where the screen is white out and you can't see the picture and the colors looked like they were smeared.

Will ONLY replacing the glass fix this or do I need to replace the entire LCD part?


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The 'display' is part the screen and the digitizer and from your description it sounds like it wasn't just the outer screen that was damaged. That $400 estimate accounts for a lot of labor that's going to be involved. Your Tab S is by design not made to be readily opened up to fix or replace its internals, this link shows the steps involved in replacing just the battery. The screen assembly is underneath all that so it's going to require taking the whole thing apart:
Maybe it might be better to just buy a new one?