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Drum machine

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nelcatjar, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. nelcatjar

    nelcatjar Newbie
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    Jan 18, 2010

    Jan 18, 2010
    There needs to be a drum machine application to play a drum pattern that I can jam along with.

    Why? Because I'm a guitarist, not a drummer. I don't play drums and don't want to figure out how to play drums. I don't want to design a pattern, I don't care about samples and all the different kits.

    Here is what it needs to do:

    1. List 50 or more common drum patterns. See below:
    2. Select the tempo by touch slider control or tap.
    3. Start
    4. Stop

    (optional) 5. Select drum kit.

    All I want to do is select a pattern, set the tempo, press start. That's it.

    There are tons of useless drum applications. But none that do the above.
    With Electrum and Cadeli, you have to design a pattern. I don't want to design a pattern.

    Seriously? Design a pattern on my phone? Who in the world is going to design a pattern that has not already been done? And especially with the limitations of a cell phone app. It's like reinventing the wheel.

    Basically someone needs to get a drum machine, and make an app that does what a drum machine does.

    Here is an example of a list of drum patterns from a Korg PX5D. I can just select a pattern, select a temp, then start and jam a long. I don't have to design or select kits. Just press and play.

    128 RHYTHM & BASS PATTERNS (744 Variations):
    Mtronm0, Mtronm2, Mtronm3, Mtronm4, Mtronm5, Mtronm6, Mtronm7, Mtronm9, 8beat1, 8beat2, 8beat3, 16beat1, 16beat2, 16beat3, 16beat4, 16beat5, 16btsw1, 16btsw2, 16btsw3, 16btsw4, 16btsw5, 2/4 1, 2/4 2, 2/4 3, 2/4 4, 2/4 5, 2/4 6, 2/4 7, 3/4 1, 3/4 2, 3/4 3, 3/4swg1, 3/4swg2, 5/4, 3/8 1, 3/8 2, 5/8, 6/8 1, 6/8 2, 6/8 3, 6/8 4, 7/8 1, 7/8 2, 9/8, Pop1, Pop2, Rock1, Rock2, Rock3, Rock4, Rock5, R


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