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DS5- Problem with order of texts, please help.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DesertDemon, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. DesertDemon

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    Hey I couldn't find this anywhere even with a google search so who ever can help thank you so much in advance.

    When I receive text messages from anyone their texts always appear above mine or you could say when I text they always appear at the bottom of the screen and his at the top. It's not a big problem but when holding the phone sideways his texts always get pushed off the screen after I send a few.

    An example goes like this:
    His Text-:100
    His Text-2:20
    His Text-2:25 ----They don't even appear in order of the time stamp
    His Text-3:00 ----and if I text without clearing the thread it will push
    My Text-1:01 ----his of the screen so I have to scroll up to see what
    My Text-2:26 ----he said.
    My Text-2:27
    My Text-2:27

    I was thinking it might be just a setting for the carrier of the phone which is olleh. I bought it off some one who got it out of the country and I know that's why some of the widgets don't work properly like the social widget for facebook/twitter but can it cause this problem too?

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