Jan 18, 2016
So i'm pretty new to rooting, but i already rooted my Huawei Ascend Y550-L01 with KingoRoot.
I afterwards installed "dSploit", But when i open it up it comes with something like this message:

"BusyBox is not installed correctly, killall binary is missing (Upgrade to a later version of BusyBox)"

I afterwards have downloaded BusyBox from GooglePlay, And tried to install it, but it comes up with a message like "Could not install BusyBox, please try another directory" I have tried both /system/xbin and /system/bin, but neither of them will work. So i tried another app, and there it says i should try a different version, so i did, but it just won't work.
I have tried looking for a solution online, but i just can't find anything...