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DTMF tones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by n0v, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. n0v

    n0v Member
    Thread Starter


    can anyone help, just called 3 and their system says press 1 for "this" and press 2 for "that" etc

    However when I press 1 2 3 etc I do hear a tone but it is not recognised, is their end or is it my Hero!


  2. mikeybear

    mikeybear Lurker

    I had the same thing happen to me today for the first time as well. I tried to connect into a phone conferencing system and my HTC Desire phone couldn't send the right tones. My backup Nokia 6120 was able to do the job for me.

    Any suggestions on how to get this working would be great.

  3. Amica

    Amica Lurker

    Does anyone has a solution for this issue? I've got the same thing. I tried to call my voicemail and even there I couldn't make a choice. So anyone? Pleas help!
  4. mudking

    mudking Well-Known Member

    I'm having similar issues with tones in menus. I am using a calling card dialing app and the tones are not always recognized by google voice. Sometimes it says I put the wrong password in, but the password is programmed into the dialer, so I know I didn't put the wrong password in. It's really causing issues for me. I am thinking that it is an HTC issue because I am on a Thunderbolt and I have noticed one of my calling card apps has a special selection that you must select for HTC phones. I think HTC DTMF tones are not normal. I hope someone knows more about this so we can figure it out.
  5. littlefatlamb

    littlefatlamb Lurker

    you can simply mute the phone when you press the key.
  6. mudking

    mudking Well-Known Member

    That sounds good, but it doesn't help at all. Still get the same problem. :(

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