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Dual-Core Tablet $215 Worth It?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by badankles, May 24, 2011.

  1. badankles

    badankles Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    i played with the augen a while back and that's my extent with android tablets. been keeping tab on the android tablet evolution since. with the news of the Rena3, a dual-core Android 2.2 tablet for $215, i'm intrigued.

    is it worth it? do you all think they might be cutting too much corners to get it down to that price? will we see from the larger manufactures (e.g., samsung, moto, acer, etc.) similar pricing of a dual-core tablet by christmas, or still too soon?

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  2. tinybeetle

    tinybeetle Lurker

    I've looked at online reviews, video demonstrations, etc. It looks like a very responsive 7" form-factor device. The speed of the cores is low, but that does not seem to affect it.
  3. badankles

    badankles Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    thanks, tinybeetle. i just found this thread with a lot of good info about the rena3 itself from devs and users: Rena 3? - SlateDroid.com

    looks like it's a good one, but still work to be done.

    i'm wondering if the major players will lower their prices toward the end of the year to compete?
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