Dual core/unlocked bootloader phone list?


Hello all,

I have been doing a bit of research but am unable to definitively locate all of the information I am wanting. I currently have the original droid, OC'd and running CM7. I am looking to upgrade, and have been researching phones. I know that I want a phone that has atleast 512mb of ram and a dual core processor, but at this point finding them with unlocked bootloaders is difficult as the DX2 and most likely Moto Droid 3 will have them locked.

Can anyone list some current/upcoming phones with dual core processors that will include unlocked bootloaders? It is my understanding that many HTC phones have had them in the past, but now even that is going out the window. Atleast they are "reviewing" their policy.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated, and yes I understand this appears to be lazy, but I am quite busy and have already spent too much time using the google machine and really need to get back to work (addressing this thread in my lunch break).

TLDR: Check 2nd paragraph for the general idea. Thanks all!