Dual SIM, data connection fails on second sim

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Hi everyone!

I recently bought a THL5000 phone with dual sim capablity.

First I just put my Italian sim in the primary slot, secondary slot empty, no problem.
Then I came to Hungary, put in my Hungarian sim as well and it just won't connect to the internet.

Now my HUN sim is in the primary W slot, anyway I tried both slots both ways. All settings are on the hungarian sim, data enabled, won't work.

All I get is a message in the notifications bar when I switch on the phone: " you left your home network and data roaming is switched off so lost connection" and then shortly after it disappeares. Well yeah, sure my roaming for the Italian card is switched off, because I want to use the Hungarian one in Hungary and data connection is set for Hungarian sim and is enabled.

Ok, so maybe I should set my HUN sim now as home network. Can't find anything like this, was checking settings for an hour.

Android 4.4.2

Any suggestions or ideas would be thanked and appreciated!

Thank you very much for anyone's help in advance!


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Not sure, but have you changed the APN settings which are in use? Usually something like:

more settings
mobile networks
Access Point Names