Dublicate contacts showing up on phone

Hey everyone,

My apologies if there's already a thread on this - I tried but couldn't find it.

Here's my problem: I'm running Exchange/Activesync with my Android 2.3.3 (running CyanogenMod 7.0.2). I keep getting duplicate entries on only a few of my contacts. I have also been getting contacts showing up as "Unknown". I cannot find a pattern to which ones are duplicating or appearing as Unknown, it just seems to be random.

My setup is as follows:
I have my corporate account synced with my exchange servers and am syncing both options ("Sync Contacts" & "Sync Calendar").
I've also setup my TouchDown-Exchange account but have not synced the contacts there. I just use TouchDown because I like the interface more than the stock Android.

Any help is much appreciated!!


My setup:
HTC Desire Z on Bell
CyanogenMod 7.0.2
ADW Launcher 1.3.6 (I have the paid version but it did not transfer when I installed a new ROM)
Android 2.3.3
TouchDown (Version 6.5.0002)


Android Expert
If you open a duplicate contact on your phone and then select "Edit Contact" at the top is it listed as a "Google Contact", "Corporate Contact", or "Phone Contact"? If you open/edit its duplicate, is it listed as a Google Contact, Corporate Contact, or Phone Contact? The times that I've had problems with duplicates it was because one of the duplicates was a Google Contact and the other was a Phone Contact.

Do the duplicate contacts show up on Gmail's web interface as duplicates?

Matzah Man

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That was it thanks! Now my problem is I deleted two of the three contacts, but on some of them I accidentally deleted the corporate account contact rather than the touchdown or phone contact... so now those deleted contacts are gone from my Outlook :(

I don't think there's anyway to fix that other than re-entering the contacts into Outlook. Unless someone can tell me otherwise?

Thanks Razz. Great help!