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due upgrade, get S or HD?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by madmonk, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. madmonk

    madmonk Member
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately dropped my Desire this afternoon, screen on left shattered, held in place (just) by screen protector.

    I've been very happy with it, despite all the grumblings from everyone about battery life. It was never an issue. I turned everything off that didnt need to be on, and that was that. I also never found it a problem with it being a bog standard non-rooted phone. It is customised to my liking, very fast etc, on Froyo.

    Phoned Orange, I'm due an update on my contract next week. They dont do the basic Desire anymore, but are offering the Desire S. Should i go for this? What differences are there? Should I spend a bit more and go for the Sensation? Or should I go the Galaxy route?

    I use the phone mainly for internet browsing using Opera Mini 5, and note taking/ organising using ColorNote, Jorte etc. It would be nice to have decent audio with the CAmcorder app.

    Any suggestions? Or should I just pay


  2. ajh94

    ajh94 Android Expert

    get sensation or SGSII if u can afford it, if not get desire s :)
  3. Mubble

    Mubble Well-Known Member

  4. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

    About the physical buttons, think of it this way, a lot of the Desires (including mine) had issues with the physical buttons after a while, especially the "mEnu" and back button.

    Just a small thing, but something to think about.
  5. wimpythewhite

    wimpythewhite Member

    I am due an upgrade too next week but have decided that my desire is perfectly good enough for me and the leaps in technology are not really worth another long contract so going to let my contract run it's course and get a pay as you go sim. Love my Desire just wish the constantly running low on memory could be sorted
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    The storage problems can be sorted, but you need root to really solve them.
  7. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    If you can't live without HTC Sense.. get a Sensation.

    If you can.. get a Samsung Galaxy S2. You can get these for free for
  8. Jon_LTD

    Jon_LTD Android Expert

    Personally I'd go for the S as I like the Desire so much it's a logical step. Plus Sense is a lovely UI.

    SGS2 is superior tech wise, so probably have more longevity. But on the other hand, HTC seem to look after their customers (I was shocked when a Gingerbread ROM came to the Desire -- it's the thought that counts!!).

    Pro's and cons either side of the argument. But ultimately I'd go with the Desire S.
  9. madhatter1689

    madhatter1689 Android Enthusiast

    Could have upgraded this week but the Desire does everything I want and I decided to get a giffgaff sim card. My phone is rooted and s-off and I am saving myself
  10. rod9669

    rod9669 Android Enthusiast

    So what is everyone waiting for? What will be the new Desire, and when will it be out?
  11. DNick

    DNick Android Enthusiast

    Maybe the new Samsung Prime? I can't wait for it to come out. Although I'll prob never be able to get since I'm on UsCellular in the states.
  12. madmonk

    madmonk Member
    Thread Starter

    I've discovered i can have the Atrix for same price upgrade. But I've heard the interface is not to everyone's taste. To be honest I don't think I need that amount of processing power for my needs anyway.
  13. stevep94

    stevep94 Well-Known Member

    I'm in a similar position to the OP - contract at an end so do I go sim-only or get a new handset!?!? :thinking:

    The Galaxy S2 is still a bit pricey for my budget so I've been looking at the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc which, after redemption and cashback, works out at
  14. Mattb81

    Mattb81 Well-Known Member

    It's definitely a personal thing. The S2 is superior for longevity but for what you use it for a single core 1GHz CPU is sufficient, currently. That's not to say in 6 months time there are apps out you want to use that are noticeably better on a dual core phone!

    I like Sense but you can mimick it pretty much with other launchers and apps,or rooting a custom ROM, so I wouldn't limit myself to HTC purely for the UI.

    Me personally, I'm not sure I'd want a 4" or bigger screen. I thought the desire and iPhone were big enough. That may be my biggest consideration when I upgrade.

    That and internal memory, which I didn't know about when I got the desire.
  15. madmonk

    madmonk Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone, I went for the Desire S, because got a good deal from Orange; Handset was free, getting 900mins, unlimited txts, 1GB a month for 33 quid, incl VAT. And handset free.

    The Desire S is a great phone, feels a lot lighter than Desire - the screen is amazing, and the speed with Opera Mini 6 is astounding. Feels like broadband on a 3G connection.

    However didnt realise Gingerbread doesn't allow access to Spare Parts/Testing Battery History, which is something to do with overheating the CPU. Not an issue at the moment because the battery lasting me a LOT longer than before. I worked out ages ago that all the talk about extending battery life by killing apps etc was totally redundant (apart from a few important exceptions), as the length of time the battery lasted was irrevocably linked with the time the display has been switched on, whether for internet, games, whatever. So, your battery might last you two days or 4 hours. It totally depends on how long the display has been up. I used to get around 3 hours 45 mins of DISPLAY, on one charge. With the Desire S this is now over 5 hrs.

    I'll still pop in here, no reason not to.
    Cheers, Mike
  16. DCFC79

    DCFC79 Android Enthusiast

    Im due an upgrade soon and debating whether to go for a complete new phone either from a network or buy a phone(undecided about the phone but possibly either LG, samsung or HTC) outright and choose a network or get my desire rooted and get it unlockedto use on another network for say 6 months or so to see what other phones are released and buy 1 outright.

    Im leaning towards getting it unlocked as ive seen sim only deals pretty cheap plus id like to root it as im getting a bit tired of waiting for updates form the network.
  17. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

    I think when my upgrade is due I will probably get a sim only deal.
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