Apr 29, 2010
I had a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) for Christmas yesterday and I'm extremely pleased with it. One question though, with the screen Auto-Brightness selected, the display is very, very dull. (So dull, I thought there must be a fault), but when I take the auto-brightness off, I can get the bright, vivid colour screen I was expecting. Has anyone else experienced this, and can it be fixed?

My wife had a similar issue with her Note 2 phone, but it seemed to be fixed with the recent firmware upgrade to 4.3. Obviously the tablet already has 4.3 installed, so that's not an option until Kit Kat.
For what it's worth I have noticed this too. However, I'm sure it is just part of the power saving elements of the software and when you are in darker surrounds you don't need such a bright screen anyway. I also noticed that when being indoors and I moved closer to a window, it did go significantly brighter as you would expect. If you want the bright vivid screen all the time, just override the auto brightness but it will be at the expense of battery life.
Thanks for the reply. I've had to disable the Auto brightness, like you said, as it is unbearably dark and washed out with it on. It's a shame as the Auto brightness on my Galaxy Note 2 works absolutely fine. Hopefully the 10.1 glitch will be fixed with Kit Kat.