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Dumb question re: Pandora, AAC+, and build.prop

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ShannonT, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. ShannonT

    ShannonT Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi - first-time poster, somewhat-new rooter. I tried searching for this but didn't find anything (might not have searched very well), so here goes:

    After I upgraded to Froyo on my Moto Droid (Pete's FRG01B, Easyrooted), I ran into the Pandora issue everyone else noticed with AAC+ - the crappy sound quality. So I did a search on that, and found the "media.stagefright.enable-player=false" fix, and somehow managed to make that change in my build.prop - I was able to chmod 777 it and save the change.

    Next thing I know, my Quadrant Standard score (and yes, I saw the recent posts re: Quadrant Standard and spoofing the scores) drops from around 1100 to under 600. I figured I would go change build.prop back to determine if the StageFright setting was what was screwing up the benchmark, but the file is back to read-only now... and chmod 777 won't set it to read-write anymore, even if I sign in as su. Instead I just get the error "Unable to chmod build.prop: Read-only file system."

    So my question is, how can I get read/write permissions back to my build.prop file? What obvious thing am I missing? All help would be appreciated!

  2. RTAdams89

    RTAdams89 Well-Known Member

    You need to mount the system partition as read-write. How you do this depends on how you are trying to edit the file.
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  3. ShannonT

    ShannonT Lurker
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    Gotcha. I found some instructions on how to do that, and sure enough it worked - I was able to go back and reset media.stagefright.enable-player to true in build.prop. Pandora went back to sounding crappy, and my Quadrant Standard score shot back up (even beating the stock Droid X once, yay for SetCPU!).

    So looking at this, I'm guessing that a big chunk of Quadrant Standard's benchmark focuses on the AAC+ and H.264 decoding, both of which seems to suffer if I turn off Stagefright (in the benchmark - the apps run just fine). Which I guess just goes to show, again, that a combined benchmark like this doesn't mean nearly as much as we'd like to think.

    So, now that that's taken care of, it's back to the lower benchmark score (but quality streaming audio!) for me. Thanks for the help!

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