Root Dummy questions - Rooting / Odin for 2.2.2 Indulge


Want to root my phone but that guy in the sticky threads that decided to leave apparently took some pretty helpful info with him. A little hesitant to root because I'm not sure if the info I can find applies to the 2.2.2 firmware as well as the 2.2.1. It's probably a question with an obvious answer but I haven't rooted a phone before so I'm trying to play it safe.

As far as Odin, Is there anywhere to get the stock 2.2.2 in case I need to go back to stock at some point? Only link I saw was dead. And would the stock 2.2.2 file isnclude the EG06 and EF23 basebands? And is there a decent Odin walthrough since the one here was deleted?


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There's a thread with these files, and links that I am hosting. They're not going to disappear any time soon.


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Here? I see your stickied stuff at the top for the custom ROMs but I was looking for more of a rooting tutorial & files / Odin tutorial & files for a R910 that is version 2.2.2 & EG06/EF23

Sorry if these are obvious. Pretty new to this stuff.