I got a question, I don't know what has to be cleared out,but my number of mails is 256,I'm only showing seven on screen.I'm a newbie to this great phone . Its an old one motorolla a 855. What to do ????? I would need step by step instructions, as I'm dumb. Really excelent would be a mailing, but am unable to retreive or read, since something is full, I just don't know what. You can text me @ 850 764 1438; that would be nice. Thanx a lot

I need help. ASAP. Please


Hi mercedes...

It would be nice to know what device you have... This would make trying to figure out a solution a little easier. :)

The best place to post this would be inside your device area of support.


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Welcome and once you give us your make and model we will guide you best we can.