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Duplicate messages driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stefanielynn83, May 3, 2012.

  1. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    So I've always gotten a duplicate text here or there, but it seems like in the last few weeks, it is getting out of control. I regularly get duplicate texts from people, sometimes as many as 9 copies of the same message! I have tried the stock messaging app, Go SMS, and Handcent and the issue persists regardless of what app I am using.

    Is this a known Bionic issue? Any ideas on how to resolve it? It is driving me crazy when I get the same text 9 times and my phone won't stop vibrating lol.


  2. brotherswing

    brotherswing Android Expert

    That isn't an issue with your phone, that's a problem at the network side of things. For some reason the servers that handle the SMS traffic aren't registering the fact that the messages have been received.
  3. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info! So is that something that I can fix on my end or do I just have to hope the network fixes itself? Lol
  4. CamoCustom

    CamoCustom Newbie

    There was a recent update for Handcent(as I use it for primary sms) and it was to help fix duplicate messages receiving on MOTO phones, since that update I have not had a duplicate message myself, but was experiencing 2, 3 and sometimes up to 5 duplicates....on stock SMS as well.
  5. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    I received the Handcent update too, and was excited to see that it would fix the duplicate issue. However, for my phone, it has not. I am using Handcent still and just this morning got a message 8 times. :(
  6. CamoCustom

    CamoCustom Newbie

    Oh that sucks! Yea it totally fixed mine. Not sure if it really matters that much, but I am on a custom ROM, eclipse 2.2, still on build .902. Any word if the new update has pushed yet?
  7. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    I am not rooted, still stock. And I have heard about the update, but I haven't gotten it yet. Maybe that will help? Lol I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  8. brotherswing

    brotherswing Android Expert

    It is possible that your phone is grabbing the messages from the server, but not informing the server that those messages have now been retrieved. Since you're stock, updates won't break anything.
    Just thinking out loud here....
  9. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    Well if I wasn't tech r*tarded, I would love to root the phone but I know NOTHING about how to do it. Seems even the "one step" or "easy" root guides are too complicated for me lol. Not worried about voiding the warranty on my phone, didn't buy it through Verizon anyways.

    If rooting would fix the issue, and someone could give me REALLY easy instructions how to do it, I'd be happy to try.
  10. brotherswing

    brotherswing Android Expert

    I have to go to my irl job soon, but tonight I'll try to find a member familiar with the process for your phone to help you with it.
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  11. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Send me a pm when you are ready. It is very easy. Once your phone is plugged in. Download a file, unzip the file and then run the file. That's it.
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  12. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    Thank you! I will try to get a chance to do it tonight once I get my son to bed.

    I may sound ridiculous by asking, but does your phone look the same after it is rooted? As far as the homescreen, apps, etc?

    And do I lose everything on my phone when I root?

    Sorry for sounding like I have no clue what is going on haha.
  13. New Rising

    New Rising Android Enthusiast

    Everything looks the same, unless you get into flashing custom roms of course where you can change the look of your phone. I think the only app added after you root is the Superuser app. You won't lose anything by rooting your phone.
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  14. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    Thanks so much for your help everyone!
  15. I suggest you visit ... Bionic - All Things Root - Android Forums ... before you root ... especially for the first time.

    As many people will point out, you will not hurt anything by root-ing other athan not being able to rent some media online (some don't send their material to root-ed devices).

    The kicker is those annoying limitations that you had are no longer there ... and that's great. However those annoying limitation that you had are no longer there.

    The problem is that you are eventually going to do something with your root-ed phone that seems irrelevant at the time and will cost you a lot of time to correct. An example is delete ting "bloatware" instead of freezing it. Since it is deleted when you try do do a system upgrade it is not found and the upgrade fails.

    Good luck.

    ... Thom

    (My Bionic is not root-ed. My Droid X was root-ed until I installed the latest system update that was pushed to it.)
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  16. stefanielynn83

    Thread Starter

    Thanks! Not gonna be able to do anything tonight anyway, really bad thunderstorm, don't think getting on the computer would be a good idea haha.

    Have a good night everyone.

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