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Dust under screen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pagdodd, May 26, 2010.

  1. pagdodd

    pagdodd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    After having my Desire for no more than 2 weeks, I started to get dust under the screen on the left hand side about half way up.

    Though frustrating as my phone is never out of some sort of case, it is not too bad, doesn

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  2. lekky

    lekky Lover

    nope :/
  3. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    Yea I've exactly the same situation - and on the same place on the screen too - I can only see it when light hits it when I'm outside
  4. jay_kay

    jay_kay Android Enthusiast

    I'm was due to be getting my desire in the next couple of weeks but this may put me off if it's something that is happening regularly.

    I'm coming from an n96 and that has a terrible issue with dust and dirt getting under the screen. Luckilly you can remove the screen cover and clean it but I am pretty sure it will not be that easy with the desire.

    Can people post back if they are having this issue?

    Fingers crossed its not that bad as I want this baby! I've completely hacked my n96 and am looking forward to getting to know Android :D

    Anyways first time post and looking forward to being an active member of this great forum!
  5. kd3

    kd3 Lurker

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  6. nofear

    nofear Well-Known Member

    This is going to sound stupid, I had this and sucked around the volume buttons and now it is gone
  7. fatmabuy

    fatmabuy Newbie

    I just could not help but lolmao..if it worked good for you
  8. TheTrueSpin

    TheTrueSpin Android Enthusiast

    To be honest, almost all the devices I have ever owned have ended up with some dust under the screen... it's just going to happen.

    That said, I would hope I could keep it dust free for at least a few months... Wouldn't worry about it though, unless there is tons.
  9. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    I have never had dust under any of my previous mobile phone's screens.
    But I have something under my Desire's screen, it looks like a very very small piece of white paper, it is slightly off center in the middle of the screen.

    It is extremely frustrating as it can been seen when anything is being displayed on the screen.

    I have no idea how to get it out though =(
  10. Akalatengo

    Akalatengo Well-Known Member

    same in here
  11. jaz5100

    jaz5100 Lurker

    I have an identical problem to the one originally described, am seriously debating calling HTC tech support as i've only had it a month! apparently the Nexus one has had really bad problems with this issue, so much so they are just dishing out replacements when someone has the problem! (don't quote me on that though!)
  12. jay_kay

    jay_kay Android Enthusiast

    I've been looking this up and it seems that its maybe the first builds of the desire?

    Can people confirm this?

    Still gonna get one as spent 18 months with my n96 which seems to have a screen cover like an open window so sure this will be better. Plus aparantly we can suck it out :D
  13. AceMathias

    AceMathias Well-Known Member

    Great! had a dust problem with my mp3 player and it really annoyed me, got it replaced under warranty. Really hope this doesn't happen to the desire, have only had it a week.
  14. martino

    martino Guest

    Mmmm... can of compressed air? I never used it for getting dust from under a phone's screen, but they work when you want dust out of your laptop or PC. Really not sure, it just came into my head.
  15. jay_kay

    jay_kay Android Enthusiast

    I've used that before on my n96. Works a treat but you have to be careful as if you hold it down for to long it can spit out liquid. Found that short bursts are better.
  16. Halle

    Halle Lurker

    Well this problem is also well known in the Nexus One, since they both have the same cheap construction. Wich means that the LCD is NOT glued to the digitizer, as in the HD2. So dust will get in there. If you haven't got it yet - you can count on that it eventually will. ;)

    I have gotten dust under ALL of my phones screen in the past, even the Iphone 3G, but not even a dust atom under my HD2s screen! (knock on wood).
  17. TheTrueSpin

    TheTrueSpin Android Enthusiast

    If its not glued down, how is it held in place?
  18. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    If i was to use a can of compressed air on my Desire, where would I be aiming it? I'm not sure where/how it got under there so I don't know where to direct the air to get it out :thinking:

    Thank you for the suggestion though.
  19. jay_kay

    jay_kay Android Enthusiast

    It sould be a case of taking the screen cover of but not sure this can be done on the desire.

    Was easy on the n96 so could happilly clean it and remove all the dust and clean the screen.

    Not gonna put me off getting this phone. So excited after 18 months of symbian boredom!
  20. martino

    martino Guest

    I'm sure that taking anything else off apart from the battery cover will void the warranty. You'd probably want to aim the can at places where the dust might be getting in from. Any other ideas people?
  21. barne1980

    barne1980 Newbie

    You can see the light from the notification led through the phono jack and through the top of the screen, not sealed at all, im getting a silicone plug that they use on the iphone to see if that will fit, only cost
  22. jason-567

    jason-567 Well-Known Member

    i dont have this problame, hope i never will
  23. JDlawyer

    JDlawyer Member

    This is my second N1. The first one was replaced a couple of months ago by HTC when the camera stopped working. About 2 weeks after I received the replacement phone I dropped it on the pavement and shattered the screen. I took it to a local cell phone repair store and they replaced the screen. Cost me a little over $180. A couple of weeks after I had the screen replaced I started noticing dust under the screen. No dust with my first phone or with this phone prior to the screen being replaced. I do not like this. I am going to take it back to the repair store and have them fix this problem. There is no reason why dust should be able to get under the screen.
  24. jaz5100

    jaz5100 Lurker

    Ok, i had enough today and took it back to the store so they are sending it back to HTC under warrenty to be fixed! which says to me HTC acknowledge the problem...
  25. Halle

    Halle Lurker

    Its only pressed down. I believe, you can remove the front piece just lika on all other touch screen phones with a suction cup. The difference is that on the HD2, the digitizer (glass) is glued all around the screen on the edges to the LCD. It means that you can not only replace the glass if it's broken, but you need to change the LCD also, since its one piece together - just as on the iphone 1st gen. On the iphone 3G, dust get in under the glass since it has a cheaper construction and is NOT glued - wich means you can change only the digitizer, and it's the same with most touch devices and among them the Desire and Nexus One. ;)

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