Help DX Calendar Background Change


My DX calendar has a black background and I could swear it was different when I first got the phone. I don't like the black.

I can't see an option to change it but I'll bet there is one.

Any help is appreciated.



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I have no idea, was beginning to respond on how to change your regular wallpaper, then re-read your question.

Would be cool to do...


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Which view? In month view, the current month is white with black text, green bars for events and the current day is gray. In day view, background is black, time is white text. Events are white with black text. Actually makes a nice contrast to highlight an event. Week is also black.


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Yes it's the week view I use most and it's a black background. Don't like it very much. Would be nice if we had some flexibility with the settings. I don't see that we have options with this.