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DX1 vs DX2 display

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rushmore, May 21, 2011.

  1. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Compared to the DX1, how does the DX2 compare?

    1. Contrast
    2. Brightness
    3. Resolution (does the qHD compensate for the pentile tech?)
    4. Color (DX1 seems a tad weak to me- is the DX2 more vivid?)
    5. Touch response. DX1 has great response and better (IMO) than the Charge- as an example.

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  2. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    I had a Droid X for about a year. I'd say overall the Droid X2 display is better. The brightness, contrast, and colors are similar on both phones. I definitely feel like the higher resolution makes up for the pentile matrix grid.
  3. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I think DX2 is very nice, speedy 3G phone overall. But someone on the other thread mentioned ghosting, flickering issues on black screen. Without looking at it myself, it's hard to feel how it is. Could early owners of DX2 comment on this?
  4. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    Yeah there are some ghosting issues on a black screen. It's nothing that would really sway someone away from the phone though it's minor.
  5. blog

    blog Newbie

    1. same
    2. same
    3. The resolution is a noticeable improvement, but only in utility. The screen is not as pretty to look at.
    4. same
    5. same
  6. blog

    blog Newbie

    The pentile doesn't ruin the phone like it ruined the fascinate and incredible for me. It's just a mark in the negative column for an otherwise good phone.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    I guess everything is relative, since I thought the TB had a great display, but the comparison of the TB and DX2 makes the TB look weak.

    Since the DX2 display apparently looks better than the TB, I should be happy.

    BTW, the Charge has a very nice display, but the touch response is significantly weaker than the Droid X1 and the TB. Weaker than my Incredible as well. You have to press harder and sometimes presses are not registered. Probably can be fixed with a FW update.

    I mentioned this after testing one and some reviews point it out as well, so not my imagination.

    As far as the display, case and point comparing DX2 and TB:

  8. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    So the displays on DX1 and DX2 seem nearly identical except the resolution. Looks like Revolution is dropping soon on Verizon stores. It will be more interesting to compare display on Rev to DX2. I guess brightness is similar on both, but contrast, viewing angle will probably go to Rev. SLCD on Tbolt is the weakest one in terms of brightness, contrast though clarity is not bad.
  9. DroidFiend

    DroidFiend Newbie

    I think there's a color temperature change between the x1 and the x2. Comparing white colored pages side by side on both devices, the x1 had a more pinkish look on white backgrounds. It looks as though the x2 is a little bit "cooler".

    IMO, the x2 colors are 'deeper' than the x1. The difference is noticeable, especially when compared side by side.

    The cons to the x2 screen when compared to x1
    - light text on dark backgrounds 'pulsate' while scrolling. Some have described it as 'ghosting' but it's definitely not the same 'ghosting' that you might experience on a lcd monitor with slow refresh rates.
    - the pentile matrix effect
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Based on reviews, it seems the DX2 has better resolution, contrast and brightness, but we need to see for ourselves. One other thing I forgot about the Droid X1 and apparently just as good or better with the DX2 is the radios. Great reception and call quality are other things on my list. The Incredible has weaker reception and muddy call quality compared to DX1. LG is not known for great radio reception and on par with HTC.

    Depending on the signal reception and call quality, the LG even with an IPS would go to second place for me.

    Rev might be hitting the 26th as well, so will check them out. Based on a total sum of features:

    Chipset power
    Battery life (Tegra 2 is more efficient than the 8655)
    Radio reception
    Call quality
    Hardware buttons (harder to hit by mistake playing games and emulators)
    Speaker output

    Seems the Droid X2 has a leg up. The initial out of box review of the Rev reminds me and the reviewer of the TB, which to me is not a good thing for build or fit in hand.


    About 70% DX2 and 30% Rev ATM.
  11. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Based on what review? Is there Revolution review already? It looks as if you made up you mind for DX2 already. But you are making many assumptions on Revolution features being inferior to DX2 even before any real reviews surface.
  12. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Nah, the point is the DX2 already is known to have the features mentioned and it is now the Rev's turn to be tested. DX2 is a great device, so will the Rev be equal or better?

    Just basing things on knowns' of the DX2 and past LG devices. The Rev will have to be pretty impressive to top the DX2.


    I was more in favor of the 16:10 display design of other devices, but the 16:9 display design and thin bezel makes the DX1/2 easier to hold and use than the TB. Reviewers point this out as well, since 4.3" is about the brink for one hand operation.

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