DX2 issues and path to solutions


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Folks, I really like the DX2, so hope we can expedite fixes- due to the good stuff:

1. Nice build
2. Calls & reception (just ignore the bars as a trusted source)
3. Display is sweet (contrary to critics) and looks good outside with the sun out
4. Fast and game emulators rock on it
5. Form factor is better for one hand operation and handles better when playing games in horizontal mode.
6. Easy root and wifi tether
7. No capacitive buttons to hit by accident and two buttons to wake the device.
8. Tons of add-ons due to DX1
9. Great sound quality (sans the skipping)
10. The Blur UI and interface (setting options too) are much better than expected.
11. Very good power management in the chipset & by Motorola (which makes the heat issue more confusing).

Path to solutions:

We are all rats in a cage if we only post our issues in forums and do not burn up the tech support lines. Nothing will get fixed if Motorola and VZW are not aware.

Known issues (feel free to add)

1. Music streaming audio and especially MP3 files click, pop & skip and this gets really bad if multi tasking
2. Facebook contact issues
3. The device can get hot when watching Flash for extended periods (almost like Flash triggers the problem). gTablet has same chipset and core temps do not get as hot.
4. After some period of use, can lag sometimes to the point of needing a restart (memory is probably not the issue, else the gTablet would have the same problems and does not)
5. The signal bars do not always (not even close) correlate with dBm (Incredible had same issue at launch).
6. In spite of adjusting the browsers to desktop mode, a lot of sites (especially Flash) tend to be forced to the mobile site versions.
7. Some games do not install, due to the sdcard mapping (probably can only be fixed by the app devs)

I hope people push the issues with customer service so we can get fixes fast. I will be pushing.


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I am a little weary if these type of apps, especially if an officials update is released. Might cause an issue, or might not.

Will consider as last resort.