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E-Bay broke my phone and stole my money

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NotMyRealName, Dec 24, 2020.

  1. NotMyRealName

    NotMyRealName Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Very long story, and my keyboard broke on my laptop 2 days ago. this all starts with me selling my S6 edge on E-Bay over a year ago. I got the $250 and promptly mailed it to the buyer. I get a complaint that the phone does not work. It did. I argue with E-Bay who always sides with the buyer. I have now to refund his money. I get the phone back and I can't say enough cuss words, not only did he jack up my phone, but I think he stole my IMEI!!! Im not sure but thats why I think he purposely bricked it. I could not use it so how would I know he stole it right? Clever scam they are pulling on there.(do not use ebay to sell phone). the only remedy I have left is #1 Fix the phone so I can do something with it besides get mad. #After I fix it, Attempt to hook it up and see if he stole the IMEI, and if so the I can file report, but I need it working to prove that. So i have attempted to flash about 15 different Firmwares. I even got Samsung not giving me the WROMG (YES I JUST COINED THAT) WROMG = The wrong ROM. Say that fast 10 times. I put a copy of my chat with them. I will put as much info except the IMEI s that is the ROOT of all evil in my story.

    Current binary : custom <that pi$$e$ me off
    System status : custom
    FRP : Off <thank my luck thats off at least or I would have BBQ it literally
    Secure download : enabled
    KNOX void : 1 (0x0500)
    AP SWREV B:6 K:3 S:4

    The phone will only go in the first splash screen, then loop again and again . I can only get download mode.
    Nothing else. Can anyone help?

    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:25:07 PM)
    Hello! I'm Samsung's Virtual Assistant.

    User (12-23-2020 04:25:25 PM)
    Help me with my product or repair request
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:25:26 PM)
    Start by choosing the type of product you need help with.
    User (12-23-2020 04:25:34 PM)
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:25:35 PM)
    Now type your question or select a button that explains the issue.
    User (12-23-2020 04:26:32 PM)
    technical support
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:26:34 PM)
    I’m sorry I didn’t understand. Please rephrase your question using a brief description of your concern. i.e. How do I create a Samsung Account?
    User (12-23-2020 04:27:12 PM)
    download firmware
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:27:14 PM)
    I’m sorry that didn’t work. Would you like to chat with a person?
    User (12-23-2020 04:27:19 PM)
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:27:20 PM)
    Please select which mobile device you need help with.

    User (12-23-2020 04:28:01 PM)
    Galaxy S6
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:28:02 PM)
    I will be connecting you to a Samsung expert who can help. Samsung experts are a group of our most knowledgeable users.
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:28:02 PM)
    Before I connect you with a person, can you please share your first and last name?

    User (12-23-2020 04:28:32 PM)
    jason XXXXXXX
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 04:28:33 PM)
    Can you please share your email address?

    User (12-23-2020 04:29:11 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:29:49 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:30:34 PM)
    my keyboard is broke so im typing slow
    User (12-23-2020 04:31:37 PM)
    ii have sm-g925t i need the firmwre for
    User (12-23-2020 04:32:52 PM)
    this is gonna take a sec for me to type this
    User (12-23-2020 04:36:02 PM)
    I have a samsung sm-g925t, I sold it on eBay, the jerk scaled me and stole the imei number I think. I got it back bricked. I need to see if he stole my imei and where I can down load the firmware
    User (12-23-2020 04:36:18 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:37:27 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:38:23 PM)
    he disputed it, got back his $
    User (12-23-2020 04:38:54 PM)
    phone is in bootloop
    User (12-23-2020 04:39:20 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:40:18 PM)
    im sorry its imei XXXXXXXXXXXX
    User (12-23-2020 04:41:02 PM)
    last 2 digits 87 not 47
    User (12-23-2020 04:41:25 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:41:41 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:43:36 PM)
    i have odin and know how to flash the firmware
    User (12-23-2020 04:43:51 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:44:43 PM)
    no going to recovery, only download mode
    User (12-23-2020 04:45:25 PM)
    so the imei? d firmware?
    User (12-23-2020 04:45:34 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 04:46:42 PM)
    is the imei still attached to my phone and where can i get the firmware?
    User (12-23-2020 04:49:54 PM)
    am i going to have to take the phone to tmobile after to see if he stole the imei?
    User (12-23-2020 04:51:26 PM)
    i just thought of that you really have no way of knowing, that tmobile would
    User (12-23-2020 04:51:47 PM)
    i think
    User (12-23-2020 04:52:40 PM)
    this has been a huge problem for almost year now
    User (12-23-2020 04:53:08 PM)
    never sell a phone on ebay
    User (12-23-2020 04:54:38 PM)
    i got burned twice, he got the money and possible imei
    User (12-23-2020 04:56:05 PM)
    its been while and i have gone several new phones since
    User (12-23-2020 04:57:43 PM)
    i sold the phone
    User (12-23-2020 04:58:06 PM)
    i got it back like this
    User (12-23-2020 04:58:25 PM)
    fu**ed up
    User (12-23-2020 04:59:19 PM)
    hey that link is chinese
    User (12-23-2020 05:01:58 PM)
    I told you he disputed the sale saying a perfectly fine phone was not, he mailed it back like this and got back his money, eBay sided with him. They always side with the buyer. I think he planed this all along to get a clean imei number. Nothing I can do till I get it to work. Then I can go to the police
    User (12-23-2020 05:02:33 PM)
    thus the firmwre
    User (12-23-2020 05:03:57 PM)
    My keyboard has a broken a n d and s key so I have to use the onscreen one with my mouse or text my Google voice number and copy and paste
    User (12-23-2020 05:05:11 PM)
    I found the copy and paste to work easier
    User (12-23-2020 05:05:26 PM)
    Well thanks have a good one
    User (12-23-2020 05:05:46 PM)
    you got me what i needed
    User (12-23-2020 05:06:41 PM)
    User (12-23-2020 05:06:58 PM)
    gettig error
    User (12-23-2020 05:07:11 PM)
    on url
    User (12-23-2020 05:07:49 PM)
    3:07 PM Message by Jay Fixincars: I'm getting a error on the URL you sent me, Wednesday, December 23 2020, 3:07 PM I'm getting a error on the URL you sent me
    User (12-23-2020 05:08:41 PM)
    it says this http://www.le.com/error/?msg=urlErr
    User (12-23-2020 05:09:26 PM)
    that link is not workig
    User (12-23-2020 05:12:11 PM)
    Can I navigate that site and find the firmware, and what is the the exact firmware I need like G925TUVS6FRA3 that's just an example of the number I need that is however a S6 edge rom
    User (12-23-2020 05:13:46 PM)
    i think there are like 50 different variants for that model
    User (12-23-2020 05:14:04 PM)
    of firmware
    User (12-23-2020 05:15:45 PM)
    so what is the firmware version i need?
    User (12-23-2020 05:19:10 PM)
    yes worked!!!!!!!
    User (12-23-2020 05:20:42 PM)
    bye thx
    User (12-23-2020 05:22:11 PM)
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 05:22:12 PM)
    Did the Samsung expert resolve your issue?

    Chatbot (12-23-2020 05:22:12 PM)
    Did the Samsung expert resolve your issue?

    User (12-23-2020 05:22:19 PM)
    Chatbot (12-23-2020 05:22:19 PM)
    Glad you found the expert helpful.

    Chatbot (12-23-2020 05:22:31 PM)
    We at Samsung Care are here for you 24/7.

    If you need additional help, ask me anytime.


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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    I'm afraid that I only skimmed most of the Samsung chat - as you say, it's too long. But I think you got it working in the end.

    I'm a little puzzled as to how you think getting the phone working again will tell you that the person "stole" your IMEI (which you can't steal, though you can copy - the only use for which is to get a blacklisted phone temporarily working again, and not, as internet myth alleges, to give magic control over another phone, though that would be pointless if the other phone doesn't work).

    A simpler/less sinister implication might be that this twonk bought the phone to root it and install a custom ROM, messed it up, then used eBay's known bias to get their money back rather than put the effort in to fix their error.

    I agree, I would neither buy nor sell a phone through eBay.
    #2 Hadron, Dec 24, 2020
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2020
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  3. James L

    James L Android Expert

    Use Frija tool, once you connect the device it will show you what firmware you need.
  4. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
    VIP Member

    I got a 2gb card from a seller on E-Bay that was advertised much, much larger. I didn't even bother. Once I found out the full capacity I just gave E-Bay up.
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  5. NotMyRealName

    NotMyRealName Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Because once it is working, I can go get it hooked up. The wireless companies will not let me know if the IMEI is being used they said privacy and security was the reason. Well if I get it working then hook it up, if someone else is using it, they obviously will tell me I cant hook it up. Could be the case as well, either way you got some help for me? Some sort of answer as how to fix it?
  6. NotMyRealName

    NotMyRealName Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That sir was what was looking for, a answer that sends me in the right direction. Thank you vey much!!! Most helpful.
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