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E-mail clients in Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by barqers, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. barqers

    barqers Android Expert
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    Nov 5, 2010

    Nov 5, 2010
    Hello guys, I've been searching around the forums, and basically I've only read threads that mention 3 different email clients for android besides the default:
    - Touchdown
    - K9
    - MailDroid

    I am using it for my school's imap e-mail, as well as my gmail imap e-mail. Therefore, I'm not sure how to setup touchdown properly, and haven't spent much time on it, but I did not really like the look and feel of it.

    For K9, I love the way it handles emails quickly, and the way it can be customized. However, I really dislike the current look of K9. I like that it is simplified, but I want to be able to change a theme, like handcent. I want to be able to customize how it looks, because right now the white or black themes are both very distasteful with regards to appearance. Overall the functionality is great, but is there a way to change how it looks? I've googled.

    Finally, MailDroid looks awesome. I really like it's appearance, as well as it's customizability and quickness. However, it does not have as many options as K9, but on average I've found I use less data on the MailDroid, not sure why. But also, is there a way to change the idle connection reset? In K9 I can set it in increments up to 60 minutes, but I'd rather do something like every 90 minutes. The ONLY reason I uninstalled this for K9 is simply because of the ads. I hate ads, and no matter how tiny they are it really annoys me and distracts me from what I want to read. Also, since I don't have a lot of data, it could potentially cause me to use more than I wish to use. If the dev could put a paid version in the app store for no ads this would be amazing. I think this app deserves to be a paid for app.

    Now that I've said all this, is there any other client that combines MailDroid's appearance with K9's options? I like both but each has it's cons. So I'm indecisive. Right now I'm using K9, but am contemplating switching back to the default. Only problem is it does not deal with push, only pull. Which is stupid imo.

    Thanks guys.


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