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E-Mail Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WholeFnShow, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. WholeFnShow

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    I also have another question regarding the stock e-mail app on the G3. I have noticed that if I send an e-mail using my computer, that sent mail won't show up in the sent folder on my phone and vice versa. Is this normal, or should my sent folder be synced and show everything that has been sent regardless of whether I used the e-mail app or my computer?


    Once or twice a day I get a notification on my phone saying that my e-mail password has changed and a request to input the new one. My password hasn't changed though and usually if I just ignore it or re-enter my password it goes away and eventually resyncs. The frequency of this has become annoying and it is frustrating when I need to refresh my inbox. I am using the stock e-mail app with an AOL account. This doesn't happen with my Gmail account. Anyone else experience anything like this or know how to prevent it?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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