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Support e-mail problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fletchem, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. fletchem

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    I have four e-mail accounts on my phone.
    1. Gmail (no issues)
    2&3. My two work e-mail addresses (IMAP)
    4. A client's e-mail (exchange server that I access via POP3)

    The problem I have is that twice now, e-mails from one account have appeared (duplicated) in the inbox of another account. If I try and read/delete/mark as read it force closes the mail app.

    I have set delivery to just one day, hoping they would simply disappear off the list, but they haven't. Last time this happened I had to delete the account and recreate it.

    It has happened on two accounts now. First my primary work account (copied messages from secondary work account) and now my client's e-mail inbox has two duplicate e-mails from my secondary work account.

    Is this a known issue - or do I have a duff e-mail set up? It works flawlessly 99% of the time.



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