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E-Mail vs. G-Mail

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lytle74, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. lytle74

    lytle74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have two e-mail icons: an "Email" and a "GMail". Both are working and that is the problem. I am getting notifications from both so I have to read and delete everything twice. I can't Uninstall either of them. Is there a fix for this? They both access the same account so everything is just doubled.

  2. I personally don't like the gmail app. So i turned off the notifications. Open the app then Menu>Settings>Unclick Email notifications voila.
  3. lytle74

    lytle74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Why do you prefer the "email" to "gmail"? just wondering what the difference is? I did turn off notifications, will that stop the double receipt of messages? Is there a way to remove the icon?
  4. Plakius

    Plakius Member

    K-9 is available in app market and blows both out of the water ... you may wanna look into it ... just remember when you add it to go into you gmail and shut of the sync for gmail itself but leave on the calendar and contact sync on
  5. lol just like the look of the email one better so far. To tell you the truth I haven't gone into either one in depth. My attitude might change at some point when I decide to go into it more. But at least I got your answer to ya ;-]
  6. Howie

    Howie Android Expert

    So you use "email" for your gmail account? Does it still work instantly like it would under the gmail app?
  7. I was getting them both simultaneously when I was trying them both out at first. Was actually thinking about using k-9 later today.
  8. lytle74

    lytle74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm getting them both at the same time (email and gmail). I just want one, but I can't uninstall either of them. I turned of notifications and I guess I'll see how that goes, but I would really like to uninstall one.
  9. xanthias

    xanthias Newbie

    Don't you have to have a gmail account to use the market? My droid is on its way and I've been wondering if this was going to be an issue. My "real" (read: work) email is through Exchange Server, so I'm hoping there won't be overlap hassles with sync and notifications
  10. boycan

    boycan Member

    Go into your email folder not the one with the red G, go to settings and remove account.
  11. Dave17

    Dave17 Member

    You can hide the icon with a home replacement app, but I don't know of a way to remove (or hide) icons without using one.

    FYI, I use Panda, but there are many good choices out there.
  12. boycan

    boycan Member

    If it is possible it would probably require root access.
  13. I set up the Email to use my main (non-Gmail) e-mail account as I rarely use my Gmail account and I have turned my notifications off on both of them.
  14. JustROLLIN

    JustROLLIN Well-Known Member

    Those people using K9, are you having success with Yahoo mail? Just curious if this is a viable alternative considering the inconsistencies I have with the standard "email" app.
  15. dys07

    dys07 Newbie

    me 2 ...

    btw how do you make a qr code and save it as your icon?
  16. gbaird

    gbaird Newbie

    No success with Yahoo. I've gotten my home, work, and hotmail accounts to work without any problems.

    I found a Yahoo app on the Market and it seems to work pretty well.
  17. Dave17

    Dave17 Member

    There are many places where you can make them, but I made mine at:

    QR-Code Generator


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