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Apr 26, 2010
What's the earliest upgrade anyone has got? Mines not till march 3...already tried about 10 times lol...maby February
I wasn't supposed to get an upgrade until Aug 2013, I have Sprint, I went in and asked about early upgrade they said yes no problem, all they done was take $300 off price resigned contract for 2 yrs.
After 3 calls and talking to the last lady Robin that helped me, I have a note II coming after only a year in my contract. Actually June/July 2012 is when the contract started on a 4S then put a 5 on that line, and they allowed me to upgrade to the Note II. Had to get manager approval but it worked. She is going to call me back to put more discounts on my account tomorrow because the manager only discounted the phone to the $299 price. She is going to discount my bill to help offset that cost!

Woot. Hope I like it. I like the iphone 5, but I am seriously bored with iphones. So the 5 will go to my Mom that has my older 4S and her 4S will be excahnged due to battery issues, under warranty, and might keep it as a backup or sell it.