Help earphone's mic stopped working after update


I recently upgraded my dhd to Android 2. 3 and after that my earphone built-in mic and play/pause button stopped working. Everything was fine before that. Earphone are nu-force 7m. I know they are designed for iPhone but they did work flawlessly. I bought them, because they worked with my phone :( any ideas ?


To be precise, sometimes play button DO work. But most of the time it's not.


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If the buttons sometimes work and sometimes don't then the fault is more than likely in the headphones, fracture in the cabling under the insulation, unless you see a break in the cable. Check whether or not the headphones work on another device/mp3 player before you chuck them. If it isn't the headphones, try reflashing the ROM.

EDIT: factory reset. sorry, was in the middle of flashing new rom onto mine and got carried away.


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Uhh, I hate factory resets :((

Its not the earphones, because the button is working fine with winamp's player. I would stick to it, but I need the microphone to make calls without pulling out this brick out of my pocket. Nothing changed with the jack output support in Android 2.3 or new senseUI?
This has happened with mine too. The earphones were working fine before I updated my DHD to 2.3. Now the play/pause buttons don't work. Anyone got any ideas?

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I'm not having problems with earphones but have been having problems with by BT audio connection and connecting via the jack to my speakers in sittingroom. My music app froze repeatedly and I had to force close to get it to work again.

I use PowerAmp so contacted the developer Max (thinking it was a PowerAmp bug) and was advised that it is a 2.3 sound subsystem problem that can affect any process that plays sound directly e.g. Angry Birds, music players etc.

I wonder if this is what is affecting your headphones? (Apologies if I am totally off the mark)