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Earphones on sale

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markdoc, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. markdoc

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    First: I have no financial connection with this company. This is just for information. (Like the screen protector was)
    My previous phone was an HTC 10. It had the best earphone sound of any phone I've ever owned. Even a little better than our LG V40. I could never find earphones with excellent sound for a reasonable price. (Under $100) I finally found earphones by 1More. Their top model was the Triple Driver for $99. The best sound I've ever heard. (I have never paid more than $100 for earphones) They also got great write ups from audio sites. Then they came out with Quad Drivers for $200. I was happy with my Triple Driver and couldn't afford the Quads. (I eventually got the Quads when they went on sale for $100 as a gift to myself) I just received and email and their entire line is 25% off with the code "BACK2SCHOOL". And the prices were reduced from when I bought them.
    The website is:
    They work perfectly with the LG V40, and according to the "experts", they rival much more expensive earphones. So if you're in the market for earphones, give them a look. You won't be sorry.


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    what the battery life like?
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    I honestly don't know. I've never checked. But I did just plug them in and it didn't change the memory being used or the amount of time needed to charge my battery. I would think it might be the same as using the speaker but I'm not sure.
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