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General Earpiece failure

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sam the man, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. sam the man

    sam the man Lurker
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    I thought that I had escaped it, but alas the earpiece on my Defy has given up the ghost after 2 months.

    I got it from mobiles.co.uk, and was advised to take it to my nearest CPW express repair store, which I did on Monday. They apparently do not repair Motorola's, and would have to send it back to their repair centre first, and then ship it to Motorola. I asked whether they had many Defy's in with the same problem, but mine was the first one. Didn't bother with CPW as they quoted 2 - 4 weeks for this.

    I spoke to Motorola instead. The agent on the phone gave me a turnaround time of 10 days, and advised that once repaired, it would be like 'brand new'. From how the conversation went, I get the feeling that it wasn't the first time he had dealt with this issue before. Anyway, phone was sent to them on Tuesday, and the status on their repair site shows 'with repair engineer'.

    I used the earphone jack maybe a dozen times, but have read that others have failed without it being used at all.

    Well, I'm hoping that the fix will be permanent. (I'm using my old Nokia 6233. Still at least 75% battery left after 4 days of use!)


  2. Delicious1013

    Delicious1013 Lurker

    After a week or so I had a earpiece issue as well. Took the phone back and they gave me a replacement, no restocking fee etc. It's been fine since, had the phone for over a month now.
  3. ollyshaw

    ollyshaw Newbie

    Where was that Delecious?

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