May 4, 2011
I bought an Incredible S about 3 weeks ago and am happy with the phone except sometimes the ear piece volume is so loud it hurts my ear to listen to a call, so much for private conversations. I have checked that my volume is set as low as possible. It will be like this for a while then go back to a more appropriate volume. I called HTC and they recommended resetting the phone, this seemed to help for a while but not permanent.

Did a search and see one other person has mentioned this. I think I am going to put tape over the earpiece but was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and came up with a more technical solution.
This happens when coming from loud places to quiet ones and the solution is to increase the volume by one step and then lower it to your desired level.

Hope it will work for you also.
I did try this once, went to full volume then down to minimum during a call and it seemed to work. Looking through manual etc I haven't been able to find any info on this feature.

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